The Bleakest Spots in South Dakota Top 5 Miserable Cities

South Dakota is a state of extreme contrasts, distinguished by its stunning Black Hills and undulating grasslands. There are places where the American Dream appears to have fallen short in the middle of the beauty.

In order to learn more about the most bleak metropolitan settings in the state of Mount Rushmore, we explore its less-traveled routes in this article. These cities are proof of the tenacity of their people, despite social and economic adversities.

Come along as we examine the elements that lead to their dismal rankings and the glimpses of optimism that point to a potentially better future. This journey is about the human spirit’s unwavering determination to persevere against all odds, not only the locations.

Belle Fourche

The 5,561-person community of Belle Fourche is representative of a community where 10.4% of people live below the poverty line. With a median property price of $151,500, the housing market is comparatively inexpensive when compared to national standards.

Twenty.0% of homes are headed by married people, indicating a broad mix of families and individuals.

Furthermore, Belle Fourche seems to be a neighborhood where families are an important part of the fabric, adding to its familial feel and residential stability, with 30.38% of households having children.


Canton is a little town with 3,054 people living in a tranquil environment. The town’s poverty rate is 8.0% despite its small size. The average price of a property is $149,100, which indicates that living is more affordable than in larger cities.

The Bleakest Spots in South Dakota Top 5 Miserable Cities

Here, families are strong, with 35.77% of homes having children and 33.0% of households being married.

Canton appeals to families looking for a quiet yet busy lifestyle since it provides a serene setting and a close-knit community.


The percentage of poverty in Sisseton, a tiny town of 2,433 people, is 19.8%. Compared to many urban areas, this hamlet is an affordable location to live, with a median property price of $92,100.

The percentage of married households (around 24.0%) indicates a sizable share of stable family units.

Furthermore, 34.65% of all homes are made up of families with children, suggesting that the community is probably supportive of raising children and family-oriented.

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Beresford is a small town with 2,359 residents. Beresford has a low poverty rate of 4.5% despite its small population, indicating a stable economic climate.

The Bleakest Spots in South Dakota Top 5 Miserable Cities

In comparison to neighboring regions, homeownership is rather reasonable in this location, where the median property price is $171,000.

Beresford’s demographic composition is largely composed of families, with 35.35% of homes having children and 33.0% of households being married.

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North Sioux City

The percentage of the 2,956-person small town of North Sioux City that lives in poverty is 12.6%. In this location, the typical cost of a home is $183,400.

Households with children make up 29.1% of the total, while married households make up 7.0%. The town’s small size and high percentage of families are indicative of its residential character and community dynamics.


With 2,298 residents, Flandreau is a small community with a comparatively low poverty rate of 11.0%. With a median property price of $123,700, this community is accessible to a large number of residents.

A quarter of the population lives in married families, which adds to the town’s family-friendly vibe.

Moreover, the fact that over one-third of households have kids suggests that the neighborhood supports family life and probably offers facilities and services targeted at families with young children.


The percentage of the 14,060 residents of Huron that live in poverty is 14.5%. With a median house price of $108,100, this neighborhood is a good fit for many people.

Married couples make up about 24.0% of homes, which is consistent with a stable, family-oriented demographic.

Huron’s high percentage of homes with children (36.64%) further emphasizes the importance of families to the community.

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To Conclude

The diverse landscapes of South Dakota go beyond the obvious. Some villages are overshadowed by poverty, but their people’s spirit always comes through.

These communities, where residents work toward a brighter future, are examples of how resilient people can be. The goal of South Dakota’s journey is to promote its people’s unshakeable determination in addition to economic progress.

South Dakota can make sure that everyone living there has a better future by recognizing the difficulties and highlighting the positive aspects of these towns.

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