Fatal Shooting in North Las Vegas Claims 5 Lives, Suspect Commits Suicide

After the alleged gunman killed himself and five people were killed, North Las Vegas Police have opened an investigation.

Around 10 p.m. on Monday, the start of the startling events took place on the 300 block of Casa Norte Drive, close to Commerce Street.

Two adult females, one in her early 40s and the other in her late 50s, were found by officers with what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Both of the women were later declared deceased by medical professionals.

A third victim, a 13-year-old girl with an apparent gunshot wound, was taken to UMC Trauma Center in serious condition while investigators from North Las Vegas Police began their homicide investigation at the original residence. Right now, the girl’s health is still critical.

Additionally, investigators discovered that there might be more victims in a different adjacent apartment. When NLVPD officers went into that flat, they saw a male in his early 20s and two women in their mid-20s who seemed to have been shot.

At the spot, medical staff declared those people died.

North Las Vegas Police officers named 47-year-old Eric Adams as a suspect in this crime over the course of their investigation.

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Adams was at a business in the 1500 block of E. Lake Mead Boulevard, according to information that detectives from the North Las Vegas Police Department and officers from the Criminal Apprehension Team received just after ten in the morning on Tuesday.

Officers from the Criminal Apprehension Team were there right away and found Adams on the 1600 block of Dwayne Stedman Avenue. Adams, carrying a gun, made his escape into a neighboring home’s backyard.

Adams was verbally ordered to put down the gun by the officers, but he disregarded them and committed suicide.

Adams has previously had run-ins with the law. His criminal past in Las Vegas dates back to 1999, and a large number of the offenses were related to firearms.

Adams has been arrested before for a number of offenses, including trafficking in cocaine, burglary with a lethal weapon, gun possession, battery on a police officer, and prisoner battery.

The most recent charge was for strangling a domestic battery in February 2024.


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