Gas Stations in Detroit Banned from Locking Doors Post Tragic Shooting

A year after a man was shot and killed after a fight with a fellow customer, the mayor of Detroit is moving to outlaw gas stations from locking customers inside the establishment.

According to police, one of the contributing factors in the shooting was the clerk’s decision to lock the door while he was securely behind safety glass.

Employees would not be allowed to remotely lock doors by pressing a button, according to a Detroit City Council policy enacted on Tuesday. According to The Detroit News, it would apply to companies whose employees are covered by glass.

Council member James Tate stated that, “The goal of this is to ensure that we keep the threat outside the convenience store, gas station, liquor stores or party stores.”

When an electronic purchase of $3.80 was not completed, violence broke out in May of 2023.

Samuel McCray could be heard swearing loudly and adamantly declaring on camera that he would take the goods and leave the gas station.

Al-Hassan Aiyash, the cashier, let three more individuals in before locking the door and preventing the four from leaving.

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After being shot, one of the three victims passed away. Killing and attempting to kill McCray are the charges against him.

Manslaughter by involuntary means is the charge against Aiyash. Their legal matters are still ongoing.

Judge Kenneth King remarked of Aiyash, “If not for the fact that he locked the door, none of this would have happened.”


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