North Carolina Divorce Report High Rates in 5 Urban Centers

Marriages, like fairy tales, do not always end happily. North Carolina, recognized for its stunning scenery and rich history, is also dealing with the realities of divorce.

While national data provide a broad picture, identifying specific places within the state might be critical for couples considering marriage or negotiating the laws of divorce.

This North Carolina Divorce Report focuses on the five urban areas with the highest divorce rates. So, whether you’re interested in statewide patterns or want more specific information, this study is your one-stop shop for learning about divorce rates in North Carolina’s cities.


There are 18,301 people living in Lenoir. 1,756 people out of this population are divorced, according to the 12.0% divorce rate.

In Lenoir, the average yearly salary is $44,802. A brief overview of the region’s socioeconomic and demographic makeup is given by these figures.


The remarkable divorce rate in Reidsville, a tiny community with 14,526 residents, is 14.0%. This figure corresponds to about 1,626 divorces in the neighborhood.

North Carolina Divorce Report High Rates in 5 Urban Centers
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$35,061 is the median income for residents, which reflects the economic situation in the community. With regard to both population trends and economic situations, these demographic and economic data offer a glimpse into Reidsville’s daily life.

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There are now 8,685 people living in Oxford. There are 833 divorcees in the community overall, with a divorce rate of 12.0%.

Residents make $42,016 per year on average. With regard to socioeconomic variables like income levels and divorce rates as well as population size, these figures give a broad overview of Oxford’s demographic and economic makeup.

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There are 5,004 people living in the little town of Wadesboro. The country has an 11.0% divorce rate, meaning that about 440 people out of its total population are divorced.

North Carolina Divorce Report High Rates in 5 Urban Centers
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Wadesboro’s median income of $32,022 is a good indicator of the town’s socioeconomic standing. The community shown by these statistics is one in which family dynamics and economic circumstances greatly influence day-to-day living.

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Mount Airy

With a population of 10,621, Mount Airy is a small town with an 11.0% divorce rate, or roughly 934 divorcees. $34,089 is the community’s median income.

Mount Airy, which is characterized by a combination of economic and demographic factors that influence its unique identity.

To Conclude

Divorce has many complicated causes that differ widely from spouse to couple. This study provides an overview of the divorce rates in North Carolina’s most populous urban centers and provides insight into the frequency of dissolution of marriage in these places.

It’s critical to keep in mind that these figures are only the beginning. When contemplating marriage or going through a divorce, it’s important to get advice from a specialist that is suited to your particular circumstances.

North Carolina citizens can manage life’s chapters—both happy and challenging—with greater clarity and support if they grasp local patterns and gather the required tools.

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