Choosing Your South Dakota Home 5 Best Cities to Live

The “Mount Rushmore State,” South Dakota, has more to offer than just presidents etched in granite. Past the well-known site is a varied terrain full of sweeping plains, striking badlands, and energetic towns.

The allure of South Dakota for people looking for a place to call home is its affordable prices, stunning natural surroundings, and welcoming small-town culture. Nonetheless, choosing a place to call home might be difficult given the state’s attractive cities are dispersed across.

Hence, South Dakota offers the ideal location for you to establish roots and enjoy the coziness of the Midwest, regardless of whether you’re a young professional lured to a bustling metropolitan center or a senior searching for a quiet retreat.

Prepare to uncover hidden treasures and find the perfect South Dakota residence.


The town of Volga, South Dakota, has 2,043 persons, whereas the state’s bigger metropolitan center has 890,342 people living in it.

In spite of its smaller size, Volga’s median home value is still somewhat lower than the state average, which is $293,181, at $289,554. At $66,285 per year, Volga’s median income is marginally lower than the state’s $69,457 median income.

Additionally, Volga boasts a notably lower unemployment rate of 1.1%, indicating a strong local economy.

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The population of 890,342 in Brandon, the town, is far more than that of Brandon, South Dakota, which has 10,919 residents.

The median home value in Brandon is $362,304, which is significantly more than the median home value in Brandon, South Dakota, which is $293,181. The median income in Brandon is also significantly higher than in Brandon, South Dakota ($69,457 vs. $101,747 in Brandon).

There is also a notable difference in the unemployment rate; in Brandon, the rate is 1.2%, but in Brandon, South Dakota, it is 3.1%. In addition, Brandon’s per capita crime rate is lower than that of Brandon, South Dakota, which is 0.0246, at 0.0067.

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Dell Rapids

There are 3,953 people living in Dell Rapids, South Dakota, a small town. With a median house value of $340,437, the town has a greater value than the state average.

Along with a thriving local economy and a low unemployment rate of 1.3%, residents also benefit from a comparatively high median income of $88,958.

Dell Rapids is known for being a safe and desirable area to live in South Dakota, as seen by its exceptionally low crime rate of just 0.0067 incidences per capita.

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To Conclude

South Dakota provides a range of locations to fit your lifestyle, from the small-town charm of Volga to the business opportunities of Brandon. Brandon offers a better median salary and a sense of a lively community, whereas Volga offers affordability and a robust job market.

Those looking for a secure community with a robust local economy can find it in Dell Rapids. South Dakota therefore offers the ideal location for you to call home, regardless of your preference for a busy metropolis, a slower pace of life, or a combination of the two.

To find the hidden gem that best suits your particular wants and goals, go deeper into each city. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

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