Top Picks: The 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in Illinois

The “Prairie State,” Illinois, brings to mind the famous Chicago skyline, Route 66 road vacations, and Abraham Lincoln. Illinois, however, has hidden beauties amidst its tourist attractions – charming suburbs and villages ideal for a family’s upbringing.

Though it may seem difficult to choose where to put roots, worry not! This list meets the demands of any family, whether they want a lively suburban setting or a close-knit neighborhood.

In order to find the best location in the heart of Illinois for raising your growing family, pack your luggage (as well as your kids’) and get ready!

Western Springs

At $198,836 for the median income, Western Springs, a community of 13,557 people, has a rich economic profile. The solid housing market is reflected in the average home price of $700,654.

With a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 60 and a sizable percentage of homes with children—43.5%—it provides a reasonably family-friendly atmosphere.


With 17,169 residents, Hinsdale is a wealthy residential community as evidenced by its $250,001 median income. Hinsdale is a high-cost housing market, as evidenced by the average home price of about $1,010,524.

Top Picks The 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in Illinois
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The municipality has an upmarket reputation, yet its family-friendly facilities score 39, indicating a reasonable quantity of family-friendly services. There is a notable emphasis on family life in the town, as evidenced by the 49.8% of homes having children.


With 12,607 residents, Winnetka is a community with a median income of $250,001 and an average property price of $1,450,397. Reputed for its family-friendly features, it receives a score of 45 on this measure, indicating its popularity with families.

Winnetka is known for being a friendly place for families looking for a wealthy and community-focused lifestyle, as seen by the fact that children reside in a sizable 44.1% of households there.

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There are 11,244 people living in the suburban area of Barrington, which is near Chicago. With an average property price of $536,565 and a typical income of $160,171, this area is well-known for its wealthy population.

Top Picks: The 5 Best Places to Raise a Family in Illinois
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It has a moderate amount of family-friendly amenities, as indicated by its score of 54 on the Family Friendly Amenities Index.

Barrington continues to be seen as a desirable home neighborhood close to the busy metropolis of Chicago, with 41.4% of households having children.

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La Grange

With 16,128 residents, La Grange has a median income of $141,235 and an average property price of $522,753. It has a moderate degree of amenities that are supportive of family life, scoring 33 on the Family Friendly Amenities Scale.

La Grange is a desirable neighborhood for families looking for a cozy and encouraging atmosphere, as evidenced by the 38.5% of houses there who have children.

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