Top 5 Choices Best Neighborhoods for Raising Kids in North Carolina

The “Tar Heel State” has a plenty of options, from lively coastal villages to quaint mountain settlements. But where do you even start with so many excellent options?

We have examined elements that are critical for families, such as top-notch educational institutions, secure neighborhoods, a robust sense of community, and engaging events for people of all ages.

There is a community in North Carolina just ready to greet you, whether your preference is for open spaces for exploration or a walkable downtown for family adventures.

So grab a seat and let’s explore the ideal location in the stunning state of North Carolina to establish roots, raise your children, and make lifelong memories!


The population of Cary, North Carolina, is roughly 174,880, making it a prosperous suburb. In Cary, which is well-known for having wealthy residents, the average home price is approximately $600,101, while the median income is $125,317.

In terms of family-friendly amenities, the town receives a 58 on the Family Friendly Amenities Index, which indicates a modest selection.

Convenient urban amenities are nearby in Cary, which is near Raleigh, the state capital, without sacrificing its suburban feel. Cary is popular among families since it is a home-friendly neighborhood with children living in about 37.2% of households.


With 15,199 residents, Davidson is a tiny town. This community is rich, as seen by the $140,938 median income. At $624,402, the average property price is rather high, suggesting a favorable real estate market.

Top 5 Choices: Best Neighborhoods for Raising Kids in North Carolina
Image By: Lake Norman

It has a 61 Family Friendly Amenities Score, which is moderate and indicates that there is a good selection of services and amenities for families.

Its appeal as a family-oriented community is highlighted by the fact that about 31.3% of homes have children.

Chapel Hill

There are about 58,919 people living in the North Carolina town of Chapel Hill. This community is relatively affluent, as seen by the $85,940 median income.

Given the area’s desirable real estate market, the average home price is relatively high at $603,034. At 57, family-friendly amenities receive a mediocre rating, satisfying the needs of 26.6% of households with children.

Located close to Durham, a large metropolis, Chapel Hill provides a convenient combination of suburban peace and quiet and easy access to city life.

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With 105,335 residents, Concord has an average home price of $361,879 and a median income of $83,480. It has a community-focused atmosphere with a score of 64 on the Family Friendly Amenities scale.

Top 5 Choices: Best Neighborhoods for Raising Kids in North Carolina
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It’s close to Charlotte and has the conveniences of the city without sacrificing a suburban atmosphere. Concord, with its residential beauty, attracts families looking for a balanced lifestyle, with 37.2% of households having children.

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At $129,688 for the median income and $591,542 for the average home price, Apex is a thriving community of 65,541 people. With a score of 39 on related facilities and services, it is renowned for having family-friendly features.

Apex is an attractive residential area for families looking for a balanced lifestyle with plenty of activities and a strong sense of community. Approximately 46.8% of its households are made up of children.

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To Conclude

North Carolina has a range of communities that are ideal for raising a family, from the vibrant city of Cary to the quaint town of Davidson.

Think of Davidson’s wealth, Chapel Hill’s handy location, or Cary’s lively amenities. While Apex has a strong feeling of community and family-friendly activities, Concord offers a sense of community close to Charlotte.

Therefore, North Carolina offers a wide range of possibilities, making it the ideal area for you to raise your kids and make enduring memories.

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