Family Paradise: Oregon's Top 5 Neighborhoods for Raising Kids

Known as the “Beaver State,” Oregon is a state filled with beautiful woods, untamed coastlines, and gushing waterfalls that astonish visitors. Apart from its stunning scenery, Oregon also attracts families looking for a caring atmosphere in which to raise their kids.

The state has a wide variety of localities, from energetic metropolis to quaint little hamlet. However, choosing the right area for your family can be difficult because there are so many options available.

Top-notch schools, secure neighborhoods, engaging activities for kids of all ages, and a strong sense of community are just a few of the essential elements that we have examined for families.

Oregon is a great area for a family to grow, whether your family is more interested in natural activities or being close to cultural attractions.

Lake Oswego

There are about 40,457 people living in the Oregon town of Lake Oswego. The city, which has a high median income of $127,252, is well-known for its wealthy population.

With an average property price of approximately $880,600, housing in the area reflects its success. Lake Oswego receives a score of 43 for family-friendly amenities, which is modest given its affluent image.

Children are present in about 31.8% of city homes, suggesting a notable but not overpowering number of families in the region.


With 18,127 residents, Canby is a city with a median income of $91,823 and an average property price of $566,045. It receives a good 63 in that category because of its family-friendly amenities.

Family Paradise: Oregon's Top 5 Neighborhoods for Raising Kids
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It’s near Portland and provides a suburban lifestyle (around 33.0% of households have children), which makes it a desirable option for families looking for a neighborhood feel close to a big city.


There are 10,439 people living in Silverton, and the average home price is $518,976. The median income in the city is $75,167.

Its score of 59 on the Family Friendly Amenities index, which measures how appealing it is to families, is a testament to its well-known family-friendly atmosphere.

Families seeking a caring community setting can find Silverton to be an appropriate place to live, as seen by the fact that 36.1% of residents have children.

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At $109,770 for the median income and $628,898 for the average home price, Sherwood, a neighborhood of 20,286 people, has impressive statistics.

Family Paradise: Oregon's Top 5 Neighborhoods for Raising Kids
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Its family-friendly amenities score of 50 is moderate, meaning that there is a good mix of amenities, nothing particularly noteworthy, that are appropriate for families.

Sherwood is considered a moderately family-oriented residential region, with children residing in approximately 45.6% of families.

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There are 11,054 people living in the little town of Monmouth, where the average home price is $446,850 and the median income is $61,282.

With a 58 Family Friendly Amenities Score, it provides a mediocre selection of family-friendly services and amenities.

Monmouth’s family-oriented living and residential appeal are valued by its population, which includes approximately 31.2% of households with children.

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To Conclude

Oregon has several different communities to choose from, ranging from the family-friendly charm of Silverton to the affluent refuge of Lake Oswego. Canby offers a more cost-effective choice with convenient access to Portland, while Lake Oswego is known for its excellent schools and superior quality of life.

Strong sentiments of community and a focus on family-friendly amenities may be found in Silverton and Monmouth. Sherwood finds a happy medium between value and family-friendly options.

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