Best Picks Top 5 Maryland Neighborhoods for Quality Living

Known as the “Free State,” Maryland provides a rich and varied way of life. Maryland has several different areas to choose from, whether you prefer the beauty of a historic town or the hustle and bustle of a big city.

However, it can be difficult to choose the ideal area to call home because there are so many communities to select from.

Therefore, Maryland offers the ideal neighborhood waiting to welcome you, whether you’re a young professional looking for a bustling metropolitan setting or a growing family that values top-notch schools.

Take a look around and discover the little-known attractions that make Maryland such a great location to call home!


Maryland has 6,161,707 people living in it overall, whereas the population of Bowie, a city in the state, is 57,922. Greater than the state’s $404,251 median house worth is Bowie’s $495,660 median home value.

Bowie residents earn $138,797 on average, which is substantially more than the $98,461 state median income.

The unemployment rate in Maryland is 5.1%, as it is in Bowie. Bowie’s per capita crime rate is also lower than the state’s, at 0.0129, than 0.0198.


With a population of 5,403 inhabitants in Manchester, The median home value in Manchester is $425,271, which is greater than the value in Manchester, Maryland, which is $404,251.

Best Picks: Top 5 Maryland Neighborhoods for Quality Living
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Whereas Manchester, Maryland, claims a median income of $98,461, Manchester inhabitants have a higher income, at $103,629, on average.

Manchester also keeps a lower unemployment rate than Manchester, Maryland, with 0.9% as opposed to 5.1% in Manchester.

Finally, compared to Manchester, Maryland, where the rate is greater at 0.0198, Manchester has significantly lower crime rates per capita at 0.0056.


The community of 6,239 people in Walkersville, a tiny town, is vibrant, with a median property value of $425,026 and a strong median income of $138,190.

A steady economic climate is highlighted by its extraordinarily low 1.3% unemployment rate. At only 0.0199 incidents per capita, the town’s crime rate is also exceptionally low, indicating that its citizens live in a safe and secure environment.

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The median income in Berlin, a city of 5,056 people, is $80,465, while the median home value is $434,662. An incredibly strong economy is reflected in the 2.8% unemployment rate.

Best Picks: Top 5 Maryland Neighborhoods for Quality Living
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With only 0.0113 crimes committed per 1,000 people, there is a low crime rate that suggests a secure living environment.

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The city of Rockville, which has 67,142 residents, has a typical income of $122,470 and a median home value of $606,807.

The 3.6% unemployment rate is indicative of a generally steady economic climate. Rockville is known for safety and a high standard of living for its citizens, with a low crime rate of 0.0302 incidences per capita.

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To Conclude

Maryland provides an array of areas to accommodate any kind of lifestyle, from the energetic and dynamic Bowie to the quaint small-town atmosphere of Walkersville. Bowie has a robust economy and top-notch schools, while Manchester offers a more affordable cost of living and convenient access to facilities.

And lastly, Rockville offers a great quality of life together with all the excitement of a bigger metropolis. Therefore, Maryland offers the ideal community waiting for you to call home, regardless of your priorities: affordability, safety, a robust job market, or family-friendly attractions.

Keep in mind that this is only the beginning; explore each location further to find the special qualities that most closely match your requirements and build the ideal Maryland dream.

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