Where to Raise a Family in Kentucky 5 Great Choices

The “Bluegrass State,” Kentucky, conjures up visions of undulating hills, premier horse racing, and mouthwatering southern cooking.

Beyond its well-known charm, though, Kentucky has a lot to offer families looking for a home to raise their kids. The state offers a wide variety of communities to fit every lifestyle and price range, from energetic cities to tranquil villages.

Kentucky has a spot ready to welcome your family and raise your children, regardless of your preference for the close-knit community of a smaller town or the cultural attractions of a larger metropolis.

So grab a ride and discover the ideal location to establish roots and make lifelong memories in the stunning Bluegrass State!

Fort Thomas

With 17,310 residents, Fort Thomas is a thriving municipality with a $95,391 median income. This family-friendly town’s attractive living conditions are reflected in the $316,890 average property price.

Fort Thomas has a family-friendly amenities score of 57 and provides a variety of family-friendly activities and facilities. Its suburban charm is preserved while offering easy access to metropolitan facilities, thanks to its proximity to Cincinnati.

Fort Thomas is a desirable option for families searching for a friendly atmosphere because 39.1% of households there have children.


At $74,433 for median income and $271,621 for average home price, Shelbyville, a municipality of 17,239 people, is defined.

Where to Raise a Family in Kentucky: 5 Great Choices
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Families will find the town to be reasonably welcoming, as indicated by its Family Friendly Amenities Score of 62. A considerable number of families reside in Shelbyville, which is close to Louisville—36.8% of households there have children.

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With 10,322 residents, Alexandria has an average home price of $279,406 and a median income of $100,938. It receives 45 on this metric, which indicates a variety of offerings that are supportive of family life.

It is well-known for its family-friendly amenities. Alexandria is a desirable place to live for families looking for a caring atmosphere, as evidenced by the fact that children live in about 39.3% of households there.

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At $74,147 for median income and $217,776 for average home price, Erlanger, a city of about 19,577 people, is rather prosperous.

Where to Raise a Family in Kentucky 5 Great Choices
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Given what it offers for families, it receives a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 46. Erlanger has a moderately high proportion of families (30.4% of households) and reasonably priced homes in relation to its income levels.

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The town of Lawrenceburg, which has 11,749 residents, has an average home price of $223,391 and a typical income of $58,935.

It has a decent score of 62 for family-friendly amenities, which indicates that there are several family-friendly facilities. Lawrenceburg, which is near Lexington, has the advantage of being close to urban conveniences without sacrificing its unique sense of community.

Lawrenceburg is a desirable place for families to live, as seen by the fact that 33.5% of households there have children.

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To Conclude

Kentucky provides a range of places to raise your kids, from the quaint suburbs of Fort Thomas to the family-friendly town of Lawrenceburg. While Shelbyville offers affordability and a warm environment, Fort Thomas offers a combination of suburban charm and easy access to city facilities.

While Erlanger has a reasonable cost of living and a good range of family-friendly activities, Alexandria is renowned for its family-friendly services.

A strong feeling of community, accessibility to Lexington, and affordability are all well-balanced in Lawrenceburg. Therefore, Kentucky offers the ideal setting for your family to thrive in the heart of the Bluegrass State with its numerous communities, top-notch schools, and interesting activities.

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