Pennsylvania's Elite 5 Most Expensive Places to Live

From vibrant cities to quaint rural communities, the Keystone State has a varied scenery to offer. However, a small number of communities provide a discriminating clientele for individuals looking for the height of extravagance. Discover Pennsylvania’s most expensive communities in this special guide.

We will discuss what makes them so expensive, such as top-notch schools, first-rate facilities, and a bustling social scene. This peek inside some of the wealthiest areas in Pennsylvania is enough to pique the interest of any real estate aficionado or corporate giant.

So grab a seat, and get ready to see the places in the Keystone State where luxury truly reigns!


At 129, Swarthmore has a higher cost of living than other communities due to its affluent neighborhood. The town has 6,507 residents. Swarthmore is known for its wealth, which is partly due to its unusually high median income of $138,679 per year.

In spite of this, the average house price is comparatively low at $405,622, providing a compromise between high-end living and affordable housing in relation to neighboring areas.


There are 9,182 people living in Conshohocken. Compared to the national average, living there is slightly more expensive, as indicated by its cost of living index of 120.

Pennsylvania's Elite 5 Most Expensive Places to Live
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Conshohocken’s population has a comparatively high earning potential, as seen by the town’s $114,523 median income. This municipality is obviously wealthy because the average property value in the area is $431,765.

Fox Chapel

With a population of 5,299, Fox Chapel has a Cost of Living Index of 162, which means that its expenses are more than normal when compared to the national average.

The current economic climate is prosperous, as seen by the median income of $250,001. With an average home price of $971,545 and a home price to income ratio of 3.9x, Fox Chapel’s housing market appears to be rather reasonable in relation to income levels.

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There are 8,176 people living in Hatboro, a little borough. Its cost of living is somewhat higher than normal, as seen by its Cost of Living Index of 116.

Pennsylvania's Elite: 5 Most Expensive Places to Live
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Hatboro is a reasonably rich municipality, as seen by its $106,318 median income. At $404,554, the average home price yields a home price to income ratio of 3.8x, indicating that housing costs are quite accessible in relation to local income levels.

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Franklin Park

There are 15,305 people living in the community of Franklin Park. This place has a cost of living index of 118, which means that it is somewhat more than the national average.

Residents have a rather affluent demographic, as evidenced by their $158,052 median income. Franklin Park has a competitive real estate market, as evidenced by the neighborhood’s average home price of $495,135.

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To Conclude

Pennsylvania’s affluent enclaves provide a range of experiences for the discriminating buyer, from the quaint village of Swarthmore with its startling affordability to the prosperous Fox Chapel. Each site offers a distinctive fusion of luxury, first-rate facilities, and a buzzing social atmosphere.

There’s a location on our list waiting to be called home, regardless of your preference for a busy social schedule or a close-knit sense of community.

Recall that this is merely an overview of the wealthiest communities in Pennsylvania. You may find the buried treasure that ideally complements your lavish tastes and opulent lifestyle with a little more investigation.

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