Shocking Video: Alabama Women Attacked by Rabid Raccoon

Residents of Alabama are on high alert after a recent incident involving a rabid raccoon attacking a woman in her yard. The alarming encounter, captured on video and circulating online, has sparked renewed concerns about the prevalence of rabies in the state. Alabama is known to harbor two main strains of rabies—raccoon and bat variants—that pose significant risks not only to pets but also to humans.

The video footage depicts the terrifying moment when the rabid raccoon aggressed the woman, highlighting the unpredictable nature of encounters with wildlife infected with the deadly virus. In response to such incidents, Alabama mandates that all cats, dogs, and ferrets receive rabies vaccinations starting at 12 weeks old, aiming to curb the transmission of the disease among domestic animals.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that rabies is nearly always fatal once symptoms appear, emphasizing the critical importance of preventive measures such as vaccination. Symptoms in animals progress rapidly from initial nonspecific signs like lethargy and fever to severe neurological dysfunction, often leading to aggression and self-mutilation.

Public health officials stress the need for vigilance among residents, urging prompt reporting of any unusual animal behavior and adherence to vaccination requirements to protect both pets and humans from this deadly disease.

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