Living the Good Life The 5 Best Cities to Settle Down in Utah

Utah offers a distinctive fusion of outdoor adventure and urban comfort. The state is well-known for its breathtaking natural vistas and lively cultural environment.

This article looks at the best places to go if you want to live well, from the busy streets of Salt Lake City to the tranquil views of St. George.

These cities epitomize what it means to live well in the Beehive State, whether you’re looking for financial stability, access to quality education, or a welcoming atmosphere for your family.

Come explore the factors that make each city a top option for establishing a permanent home in the heart of the West with us.


The demographics and economic metrics of Syracuse, Utah bear significant comparison to those of Syracuse, New York. At 32,798 people, Syracuse, Utah is far smaller than Syracuse, New York, which has a much bigger population of 3,283,809.

Syracuse, Utah has a greater median home value ($553,580) than Syracuse, New York ($510,835), while having a smaller population. In a similar vein, Syracuse, Utah has a median income of $125,602, which is more than Syracuse, New York’s $86,833.

Furthermore, Syracuse, Utah, has a much lower unemployment rate than Syracuse, New York—1.2% as opposed to 3.4%. In terms of crime rates, Syracuse, Utah has a lower rate per capita (0.0097) than Syracuse, New York, which has a higher rate (0.0270).


The population of Kaysville, Utah, is 32,714, while the state’s total population is 3,283,809. At $612,119, the typical home value in Kaysville is much greater than the state median of $510,835.

Living the Good Life The 5 Best Cities to Settle Down in Utah
Image By: Kaysville City

In addition, the typical income of Kaysville residents is $121,867, which is more than Utah’s $86,833 median income.

Furthermore, Kaysville’s unemployment rate is lower—2.6%—than the state average, which is somewhat higher—3.4%. At 0.0086, Kaysville’s crime rate per capita is comparatively low when compared to the state average of 0.0270.

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With 16,740 residents, Centerville, Utah, is substantially smaller than the state, which has 3,283,809 citizens. Centerville’s median house value is $547,704, which is more than the state median of $510,835.

In addition, the median income of the population is greater here ($113,697 as opposed to $86,833 in Utah). Centerville has an exceptionally low 1.4% unemployment rate, which is indicative of a strong local economy.

Furthermore, the town’s reputation for safety is reinforced by its comparatively low crime rate of 0.0194 per capita.

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With a population of 24,463, Farmington, Utah, has a median house value of $629,364, which is substantially more than the $510,835 state median.

Living the Good Life: The 5 Best Cities to Settle Down in Utah
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Farmington’s median income is $115,278 more than Utah’s, which is $86,833. Farmington has an exceptionally low unemployment rate of 2.2%, which is indicative of a strong economy.

The city also keeps a low crime rate—0.0141 incidents per 100,000 residents—which contributes to its reputation as an affluent and safe place to live.

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There are notable variations between Highland, Utah, and the state in comparison to a number of indicators. Utah has a far greater population of 3,283,809 than Highland, which has 19,267 residents.

Highland’s median house value is $877,307, far more than the state’s median of $510,835. In a similar vein, Highland’s median income of $166,429 is almost double that of Utah ($86,833). Highland has a 2.8% unemployment rate as opposed to Utah’s 3.4%.

Highland’s crime rate per capita is 0.0327, which is marginally higher than the state’s 0.0270.

To Conclude

Beyond its breathtaking beauty, Utah has a lot to offer. Every community in the Beehive State has something different to offer when it comes to living well, from the vibrant options of Salt Lake community to the cozy vibe of Kaysville.

While Highland enjoys extraordinary affluence, Syracuse, Centerville, and Farmington strike a mix between affordability and robust economies.

This is only a small sampling of everything Utah has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a bustling metropolitan life or a tranquil retreat, Utah has plenty of options for you to settle down and prosper. In the center of the West, begin exploring to find your dream home.

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