Best Picks Top 5 Cities to Settle Down in South Carolina

South Carolina has a special appeal for people looking for a place to call home because of its endearing blend of warmth, natural beauty, and history.

Cities that provide the best opportunities for education, work, and leisure are highlighted, from Charleston’s cobblestone streets to today’s growing business centers.

Come along as we unveil the top five cities in South Carolina that stand out as perfect places to settle down, whether the sound of the beach or the whispers of the old-growth forests are calling you.

It is a manual for locating your ideal Southern sanctuary, where the welcome is friendlier and the tea is sweeter.

Fort Mill

There are roughly 26,022 people living in the South Carolina town of Fort Mill. At $505,522, the typical home value in this area is significantly greater than the state average.

Additionally, the typical income of Fort Mill residents is $128,125, which is substantially greater than the state median of $63,623. Fort Mill’s 2.30% unemployment rate is strikingly low, highlighting the strength of the local economy.

Furthermore, Fort Mill’s 0.0096 crime rate per population keeps things comparatively safer than the state average of 0.033 incidences per capita.

Tega Cay

There are 12,816 people living in Tega Cay, South Carolina, which is much fewer than the 5,142,750 people in the entire state. At $565,388 versus $287,064 for South Carolina, Tega Cay’s median home value is noticeably greater.

Best Picks Top 5 Cities to Settle Down in South Carolina
Image By: Fort Mill Sun

In the same way, Tega Cay’s median income of $140,172 is significantly more than the state’s median income of $63,623. Compared to the state average of 5.20%, Tega Cay’s unemployment rate is remarkably low at 1.30%.

As a comparatively safe municipality with better economic metrics, Tega Cay also has a lower crime rate per capita (0.0115) than the state average of 0.033.


At $494,049, Bluffton, South Carolina, has a substantially higher median home value than the state average of $287,064, while having a population of 29,375.

The typical income of Bluffton is $99,575, more than the $63,623 statewide norm. Bluffton also maintains a very low unemployment rate of 1.40%, which is far lower than the statewide average of 5.20%.

Bluffton also has significantly lower crime rates per capita than the state average of 0.033, with 0.008 incidences per person.

In comparison to other South Carolina indicators, these figures highlight Bluffton’s appeal as a place to live, with better incomes, reduced unemployment, and a safer atmosphere.

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There are 23,665 people living in Lexington, South Carolina; in comparison, Lexington, Kentucky has 5,142,750 people living there.

As opposed to $287,064 in Lexington, South Carolina, the median house value in Lexington, Kentucky is somewhat more at $289,130.

Best Picks Top 5 Cities to Settle Down in South Carolina
Image By: The State

Lexington, Kentucky people make a typical income of $78,164, which is significantly more than the median income of $63,623 in Lexington, South Carolina.

Lexington, Kentucky has a 3.6% unemployment rate as opposed to Lexington, South Carolina’s 5.2%. In addition, Lexington, Kentucky’s crime rate per capita is 0.0198, whereas Lexington, South Carolina’s is 0.0330.

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With 24,133 residents, Simpsonville, South Carolina, has a significantly higher median house value of $360,596 than the state’s median of $287,064. Simpsonville’s median income of $79,937 is also greater than the state’s median income of $63,623, as well.

Simpsonville has a 2.8% unemployment rate, which is comparatively low given the strength of the local economy.

The state average is 0.0330 incidents per person, hence the crime rate per capita, with 0.0427 incidents, is marginally higher.

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To Conclude

A warm Southern welcome is what South Carolina delivers on.

Fort Mill and Simpsonville offer robust economies and comfortable living, while Tega Cay and Bluffton offer outstanding wealth and safety. Without the expensive prices, Lexington offers a decent balance.

South Carolina offers a location for you to settle down, enjoy sweet tea, and encounter the distinct Southern hospitality, whether you’re looking for a busy city or a peaceful retreat. Now go explore and find your own piece of paradise in South Carolina.

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