Reviving Dreams: Ex-Felon Starts New Chapter with Motor City Match Grant in Detroit

DETROIT – The Motor City Match grant program is making a significant impact by empowering local entrepreneurs in Detroit. One of its most inspiring success stories involves Daryl Young, an ex-felon whose dream of opening a restaurant is becoming a reality thanks to the program’s support.

Daryl Young, a Detroit entrepreneur, is realizing his dream of opening a restaurant, “Moma G’s,” thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Shotstoppers program. Young, who faced challenges due to a past felony conviction, found support from the Community Violence Intervention (CVI), which contributed $70,000 to his venture.

Young, now a volunteer with The Peoples Action Detroit, had purchased a vacant property, Coney Island, years ago with hopes of transforming it into a restaurant. However, financial obstacles, including loan denials, halted his plans for 17 years.

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“I thought it was completely over, I thought my dreams were crushed,” Young reflected. His turning point came with the Motor City Match program, offering him the opportunity to renovate and open Moma G’s by year-end.

The grant also supports other local businesses, including plans for dental care offices, luxury spas, cafes, and restaurants, further enriching Detroit’s community fabric.

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