Ohio Eatery Serving the Best Burger And Fries Meal in the State

Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and salsa. Bacon and eggs. Certain foods complement each other well. Burgers and fries are a popular combination that you can find in almost every restaurant. They are served in a variety of places, from casual diners to fancy restaurants that put their own spin on the traditional duo. There are many excellent places to get burgers, but how do you decide where to begin?

LoveFood created a list of the best burger and fries combination in each state. They made their decision by considering factors such as reviews, awards, and personal experience. The list contains amazing restaurants that serve excellent food combinations. These range from traditional hamburgers with thin fries, served at places where the recipes have remained the same for decades, to more unique and creative dishes.

The Thurman Cafe is known for serving the best burger and fries meal in Ohio. Their Thurman Burger is especially popular, as it comes with delicious toppings like onions, ham, mushrooms, and cheese. The Thurman Cafe can be found at 183 Thurman Avenue in Columbus.

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Here is the information provided by the website:

“The burgers at The Thurman Cafe are very big, with 12oz patties and lots of toppings. It’s a good idea to go there when you’re really hungry.” Customers suggest trying The Thurman Burger, which is topped with ham, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella, American cheese, and pickles. They also recommend the Mushroom Burger, which has mushrooms and mozzarella. The hand-cut fries are also highly recommended.

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