Florida City Now At Peak With Highest Cocaine Consumption Rate

While opioids receive a lot of attention, there is also a growing popularity of other drugs like cocaine. This has resulted in more usage and negative outcomes. Cocaine use, like other drugs, becomes more or less popular as time goes on. Over time, there have been periods when cocaine use has gone up and then gone down again. The popularity of something will increase and then decrease, but eventually, it becomes popular again.

By studying trends in substance use, we can gain valuable insights into commonly misused drugs and the individuals who misuse them. Learning about the facts and statistics of cocaine use in cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Fort Myers, and other cities in South Florida can help us understand the issues and find solutions to drug misuse.

Cocaine Use in South Florida

Cocaine is the second most commonly used illegal drug in the U.S., after marijuana. Many people regularly use this very addictive drug because it gives them a stimulating feeling. Some of the effects they experience include:

  • High energy
  • Decreased need for sleep and food
  • Increased focus
  • Euphoric feelings

More and more people in America are developing problems with cocaine use and overdosing because they are using cocaine more frequently. There is an increasing use of cocaine in many areas of Florida. Florida’s cocaine use rates have been increasing since 2014, as shown by statistics. In a specific area of South Florida, the number of overdose cases related to cocaine use went up from 240 in 2014 to 421 in 2017. In another example, the number of cases of cocaine overdose went up from 193 in 2014 to 505 in 2017. There are similar trends observed in South Florida and various parts of the state.

Contributing Factors to Current Trends

Drug use trends can change based on different factors. For instance, factors like availability and price impact substance use data. One possible reason for the increasing rates of cocaine use could be the use of opioids. Government agencies at both the state and national level are putting more resources into fighting against opioid use. When people have less access to opioids, they might start using cocaine to achieve the same feeling of being high.

Cocaine Abuse by Age in Florida

Experts try to understand who is using cocaine when it becomes popular, so they can figure out how to help them. In Florida, less than 2% of individuals over the age of 12 reported using cocaine in the past year. In comparison to the national average of 2.03%, the rate in this state is lower.

The use of cocaine in Florida may appear to be low, but it is crucial to monitor any changes in patterns. A few years ago, only about 1.6% of people were using cocaine. Over the course of several years, the number of people using the substance increases significantly.

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Statistics on Cocaine Use Among Teenagers

About 0.5% of teenagers in Florida have used cocaine in the past year. The rate is a little bit lower than the average rate for children aged 12 to 17 in the whole country.

Statistics on Cocaine Use in Young Adults

A lot of people choose to try drugs and use them inappropriately when they are in their late teens and early 20s. Among different age groups, young adults in Florida have the highest rates of cocaine use. The percentage of college-aged Floridians using cocaine is over 6.2%, which is higher than the national average of 5.88%.

Abuse of Cocaine in Older Adults

The number of people using cocaine goes up between the ages of 18 and 25, but it goes down a lot for people who are 26 and older. In Florida, a little more than 1.5% of people used cocaine last year, which is similar to the average for the whole country.

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