Gravity Opens Fastest EV Charger in US to Public in NYC

Startup supported by Google in the electric vehicle infrastructure sector Gravity Mobility has launched the quickest charging option in the United States for public use, aiming to appeal to fleet customers. Gravity announced that major fleet operators in New York will have access to 24 of their 500 kilowatt (kW) chargers. The devices can charge at a rate of 2,400 miles of range per hour or 200 miles in five minutes. The company can produce and distribute thousands of chargers annually, with additional sites in development beyond the initial one in Midtown Manhattan.

“By examining the rate of (Tesla) Supercharger installations per year, we can aim to match or exceed that number to expand our network.” “There’s no obstruction,” said Moshe Cohen, CEO of Gravity, in an interview with Reuters. Tesla (TSLA.O) has signed numerous agreements with Ford (F.N), General Motors (GM.N), and other automakers to enable vehicles from different brands to use its extensive charging network of over 15,000 stations. Scaling to this extent may pose some difficulties.

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Gravity intends to secure additional funding this year to enhance its network of high-speed chargers throughout the United States. “We plan to increase our fundraising efforts as our aim is to quickly expand nationwide, and we have received significant interest,” stated CEO Cohen. Gravity’s chargers are compact, similar in size to a carry-on suitcase, in contrast to the larger stands used by automakers and other EV charging network operators.

Yet, the majority of electric vehicles are limited to a charging speed of 350 kW, while upcoming models are anticipated to utilize quicker chargers. In late last year, ChargePoint, a maker of EV chargers, introduced its Express Plus Power Link 2000 product. This product can charge two vehicles at the same time with speeds of up to 500 kW, surpassing Tesla’s Superchargers limit of 250 kW.

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