The Brooklyn Night Market is Coming Back in April 2024

Queens Night Market has been a favorite in NYC for a long time, thanks to its popularity and the diverse food offerings in Queens, one of the most multicultural counties in the U.S. However, the Brooklyn Night Market, a quieter and newer alternative, is also making a significant impact and is starting to receive the recognition it deserves.

Returning on April 29 for its third year, the Brooklyn Night Market at Industry City will occur every last Monday of the month until October and showcase some of the top restaurants on one street.

If you haven’t visited the Brooklyn Night Market yet, it’s quite impressive. A single night can attract up to 6,000 guests to its 65 vendors, which also feature local non-food related businesses. Even though this year’s market lineup has not been revealed, last year’s vendors featured popular Brooklyn establishments such as the Brooklyn Dim Sum Co, ROSTACY Jamaican Kitchen, Brown Butter Bakes, and more.

Organized by MHG, the Brooklyn Night Market is located between two Industry City buildings and is held outdoors on 36th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenue starting at 4pm. It’s a great spot to visit after work when the weather gets warmer, and an ideal location to enjoy the sunset with its proximity to the Upper Bay.

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Brooklyn’s restaurant scene stands out from Manhattan’s because it is mainly made up of mom-and-pop restaurants and small family-run businesses, some of which operate without a physical storefront. The diverse range of restaurants at the Brooklyn Night Market showcases a variety of local chefs, artisans, and entrepreneurs that you may not have discovered otherwise.

According to Marco Shalma, the Brooklyn Night Market is a fantastic showcase of Brooklyn’s culinary excellence. “In the vibrant setting of Industry City, both locals and visitors enjoy the borough’s diverse flavors and strong spirit – always bold, always delicious.”

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