Hellhole City Can Be the Most Overrated’ Holiday Destinations

Most likely, when you think of Los Angeles, you picture the famous Walk of Fame, the glitz and glam of Hollywood, and streets lined with palm trees. What about the US city, which is home to nearly four million people? Is it really all that great? It’s one of the “most overrated” places in the world, say people who have been there.

Parents were recently asked to share the “most overrated” vacation spots they’d ever been to on the parenting site Mumsnet. Places like Paris and Barcelona were called “dirty” and “uncomfortable,” but Los Angeles seemed to win the prize. People quickly called it a “disappointment,” and one even went so far as to call the city a “hellhole.”

Others made fun of the city’s homeless problem, saying that more should be done to help those who need it. According to Los Angeles County’s yearly survey, 75,500 people were living on the streets in LA in 2023. One mom named Bathtimebarbara wrote, “LA is a trash heap.” All of the tourist “must sees” are run-down, dangerous, and mostly just on two-way roads.

While MrsTerryPratchett agreed and said, “If there is a hell and I have done something terrible, I will be sent to LA.” I will be in LAX if I really mess up and can’t be fixed.

“I’ve been to more than 40 countries, eaten bugs, slept on the ground, and run out of money and food.” I was so sick that I had to smile at a pile of boiled meat and eat every piece. I was so close to dying that I was hospitalized. I’ve been scared out of my mind, almost drowned, and in coups and other “disturbances.” I would give every place another try except LA.

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In the same way, Sarahconnor1 said she wanted to leave LA early and go home. “One more vote for Los Angeles,” she said. It felt dangerous all the time and was dirty. The air pollution was terrible, and there were a lot of homeless people. Hollywood Boulevard is a s**t tip. I planned to get home early by plane.

Hellhole City Can Be the Most Overrated’ Holiday Destinations

This is how a lot of people feel about the City of Angels, not just Mumsnet users. There are a lot of posts on Reddit that ask if people think Los Angeles is “overrated.” And there always seems to be a loud yes at the end.

“I have never met someone who thinks great things about LA,” In answer to this question, DeDend21 wrote on Reddit’s Unpopular Opinion, “Los Angeles is the most overrated city on earth.” Nikuscraft55 wrote the same thing. Some people on the site said it was a “awful city” that “smells like p**s.”

There are a lot of different opinions on Tripadvisor about LA’s tourist spots. Some recent visitors who went on a full-day walking tour have told other people not to go to the city. AJA gave the city one star and said it was “gross, gross, gross!!!”

They also said, “There’s no other word for it than disgusting!!” There’s trash all over the place. The beaches were dirty. There was nothing nice about this place. People are even rude.

“At every place we went, the workers treated us like we were a bother.” Not suggested unless you like gross filth. Feeling so let down!! California is beautiful from what I’ve seen. THAT’S NOT THE CASE. It’s gross, gross, gross!!!’

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