Here are the Best US States To Call Home in 2024

A recent study looked at the best states to live in America. To solve the problem, they used a method called “Saturday Night Science”. This method looked at factors like the price of homes, the crime rate, and the average income. The information was gathered from trustworthy sources like the Census Bureau, the FBI, and Zillow.

Many people were excited to see what happened across the country. Some people were surprised by their state’s high ranking, while others were happy about it. The study determined which states are wealthy, secure, and affordable. People started talking about where they currently live and the possibility of moving. This report reminds us that every state has its own advantages, no matter where you live. No matter how well your state is ranked, take this chance to think about what makes your own state unique and meaningful to you.

Best US States to Call Home in 2024

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has been ranked as the best state in America for 2024, narrowly beating Massachusetts. People who live here are not surprised by this, because New Hampshire has won this award four times in a row. The state has the lowest crime rate in the nation when compared to other states like California. It also has notably fewer violent crimes. In addition, the very low poverty rates indicate that the people are able to support themselves and do not rely on others for assistance.


Massachusetts has a high median household income of over $96,505 per year, which makes it a desirable place to live. Massachusetts has a lot of people living close together, which makes it one of the most crowded states in the country. However, many people are still attracted to Massachusetts because it has a strong economy, which is evident from the expensive prices of houses and property. These expensive homes showcase the appeal and desirability of Massachusetts and demonstrate the high demand for housing in the area.


Hawaii is known for its beautiful scenery and vibrant culture. It is ranked as the third best place to live in 2024. Hawaii is known for its high quality of life, which has earned it an A-plus rating from CNBC. This is because of its clean air, abundance of recreational activities, and remarkably low crime rates. Hawaii is a very expensive place to live. The average property prices there are almost $830,193, which makes it the most expensive state in the United States. However, the locals find comfort in the beautiful surroundings, which contribute to their generally safe and healthy lives.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island is ranked as the fifth best place to live in America for 2024. It has many great qualities and positive data. Rhode Island is considered the seventh safest state in terms of crime rates and has a high percentage of citizens with health insurance. This makes people feel safe and well taken care of. Despite having the second-highest population density in the country, travel times in this state are still reasonable, ensuring that citizens can lead healthy lives.


Vermont is ranked as the sixth best place to live in America in 2024 because it offers a unique combination of benefits. Vermont is ranked as the sixth safest state, which means that its citizens can feel safe because the crime rate is very low. The state is proud of its well-funded public education system and excellent healthcare system. These systems ensure that people have access to high-quality education and medical care. The beautiful Lake Champlain, which represents the natural beauty of Vermont, makes the state even more attractive and attracts tourists from both nearby and far away.


Maryland is the last state on our list of the top ten for 2024. It has a promising future and great job opportunities. Maryland is not just about Baltimore. It has many other beautiful places like Bowie and Mount Airy, with plenty of sunshine. Maryland families have the highest level of financial security in the country, with a typical annual income of around $98,461. The state is ranked third in the US for having a high percentage of adults, 42%, who have completed college. This shows that education is very important in the state.

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