Most Dangerous Vermont Cities Revealed

A recent analysis by Saturday Night Science looked at FBI crime data to find out which cities in Vermont are the most dangerous. They studied 23 cities with populations of over 5,000 people to find out how much violent and property crime there is in each city. According to the results, Brattleboro is currently considered the most dangerous city in Vermont.

The survey found that Vermont had a violent crime rate of 489 events per 100,000 people and a property crime rate of 6,094 incidents per 100,000 people. Vermont is ranked as the 48th most dangerous state in the United States. Barre Town is considered the safest city in Vermont.

Most Dangerous Vermont Cities


Brattleboro, a city in Vermont, has a population of 12,256 and is known for having a high crime rate. The reason it stands out is not just because it is in first place, but because it has the highest total crime rate in the state. In fact, it is 70% higher than the national average. Why is Brattleboro considered dangerous? The numbers provide a clear understanding. In 2022, Vermont has the highest property crime rate, which means there is a 1 in 16 chance of experiencing theft or vandalism, even during regular trips to the Farmers’ Market.


Winooski, which is located northeast of Burlington, is considered the second least safe city in Vermont. The Winooski Police Department still has significant challenges, even though there was a small decrease in violent and property crime rates compared to the previous year. Vermont has a high murder rate and a significant number of rape charges. Residents are advised to be cautious and take measures to secure their homes. This is particularly important in Winooski, which has a high burglary rate.


Rutland, Vermont is the third largest city in the state. It has been ranked as the fourth most dangerous place to live. This is probably not surprising to many people who live there. Rutland has a high rate of violent crime, which means there is a one-in-208 chance of experiencing a violent attack each year. This has been consistent over the past year. There were more than one property crime per day in 2022, including an average of over one burglary per week. This is causing ongoing concerns about security.

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The University of Vermont is in Burlington, the largest city in the state. In 2024, Burlington was ranked as the fourth most hazardous place in the state. Burlington has experienced a significant increase in both violent and property crimes over the past year, even though it is known for its vibrant atmosphere. The people are currently experiencing the third-highest homicide rate in the state and the 16th-highest rape rate. It is very important to be careful when shopping on Church Street because, on average, three property offenses are committed there every day.


Bennington, a town located in southern Vermont, was recently ranked as the fifth most dangerous place to live. The town’s population of 15,301 saw a concerning rise in violent and property crimes, causing it to move up five spots on the list of dangerous places. Bennington currently has the highest rate of violent crime in Vermont, which is concerning for public safety. The Bennington Battle Monument, which used to be a symbol of historical pride, now serves as a sad reminder of the community’s ongoing security worries.


Barre, which is about a 15-minute drive southeast of Montpelier, is considered the seventh most dangerous town in Vermont. The town has a population of 8,447 people. They value their granite heritage but are concerned about the safety of their streets. Regrettably, Barre had the fourth highest rate of violent crime in Vermont in 2022, which is worrying for the residents. The rate of rape cases in this area is the highest in the whole state, which is very worrying. These statistics indicate that it is crucial for local authorities and communities in Barre to prioritize safety measures and also address the underlying causes of crime.

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