Top Unsafe Neighborhoods In Charlotte for 2024

A recent study looked at many different neighborhoods in Charlotte. They wanted to find out which one is the most dangerous to live in. In 2024, Lakewood was considered the least desirable neighborhood. This means that it is not doing as well as other places when it comes to safety and other important factors.

The fact that Lakewood is considered the most unsafe area highlights the more serious problems that Charlotte is dealing with. Charlotte is known for being a lively city with different neighborhoods. However, some places, like Lakewood, face more difficulties than others. People living in Lakewood might be worried about finding jobs, dealing with crime, and getting the help they need. In order to make things better for neighborhoods such as Lakewood, the city and its residents need to work together.

Most Unsafe Neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC


There is growing concern in Charlotte’s Lakewood neighborhood, which has 649 residents, because it has the highest crime rates and is considered unsafe. The locals are very concerned about safety due to the high rates of property crimes (10,314 per 100,000 people) and violent crimes (4,188 per 100,000 people). In addition, Lakewood has a low economic status. Its median home value of $85,500 is among the fourth lowest, and its median income of $33,581 is among the 13th lowest in the city. These numbers show how hard it is for people in the community to maintain a safe and organized neighborhood.

Tryon Hills

Tryon Hills is a neighborhood in Charlotte with 855 residents. It faces significant safety and economic challenges. Tryon Hills has a lot of crime. There are 3,837 violent crimes and 8,814 property crimes for every 100,000 people who live there. This is true even though there are stores and parks nearby. The area has a typical income of $26,519, which is the third lowest in the city. Its median home value of $151,050 is also ranked as the 49th lowest in the city. Many people in the community are having a hard time finding jobs, and this is shown by the high unemployment rate of 10.4%. This makes the community’s financial problems even worse.


Pinecrest is a small neighborhood in Charlotte with only 213 residents. Despite having famous monuments like the Carolina Golf Club and New Shiloh Baptist Church, the neighborhood faces struggles. Pinecrest is facing financial difficulties, even though it offers recreational options. The city has a high unemployment rate of 8.7% and offers mostly low-paying jobs. As a result, the median income is $37,206, which is ranked as the 24th lowest in the city. People living here have a hard time because there aren’t enough stores and amenities available. The neighborhood has additional problems because there is a high rate of crime. Specifically, there are 5,563 property offenses and 4,917 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents.

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JT Williams

There are concerns about safety and financial difficulties in JT Williams, a neighborhood in Charlotte with 389 residents. Even though crime rates are somewhat lower compared to similar areas, residents still face challenges with housing affordability and income levels. There are 1,299 violent crimes and 5,032 property crimes per 100,000 people. Many people still struggle with financial security in this area. The average property value is $88,100, which is the 5th lowest in the city. The median income is $35,625, which is the 19th lowest in the city.

Reid Park

Reid Park is a neighborhood in Charlotte with 1,714 residents. It has green spaces and attractions like Reid Park and the Carolina Golf Club. However, the neighborhood also faces safety concerns and economic challenges. Property crime is still a big problem, with 5,269 incidents for every 100,000 people. However, the rate of violent crime is lower compared to other places, with 2,549 incidents for every 100,000 people. The unemployment rate in the neighborhood is 9.2%. This means that people living there have few job opportunities and are financially unstable. It shows that there is a need for help and programs to improve living conditions in Reid.

Todd Park

Todd Park is a neighborhood in Charlotte with 1,617 residents. However, it still has safety and economic challenges to overcome. Property crime is a big problem, with 7,810 incidents for every 100,000 people. However, the rates of violent crime are lower compared to similar areas, with 2,328 incidents for every 100,000 people. The neighborhood has an average property worth of $122,400, which is ranked as the 28th worst in the city. Additionally, its median income of $29,432 is ranked as the sixth worst. These numbers indicate that the people in this neighborhood face significant financial challenges.

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