Here is the Optimal Setting for Your Thermostat in the Summer, According to Utilities

With temperatures soaring on the Gulf Coast, residents are facing the inevitable consequence of higher water and power bills. According to local power companies, there is potential for improvement in the situation.

According to a recent study by WalletHub, Alabama ranked third in energy consumption in 2023, trailing behind Louisiana and Mississippi but surpassing Arkansas and Tennessee. Energy customers are facing a tough time due to the scorching summers.

“Making seemingly insignificant changes, such as closing your blinds or unplugging a toaster, can have a significant impact,” stated Lily Jackson, spokesperson for Riviera Utilities.

Discover helpful suggestions from Riviera Utilities and Alabama Power to reduce your water and power expenses without sacrificing comfort during hot weather.

Heat it up: Alabama Power suggests keeping thermostats at 78 degrees or higher during hot weather, according to Riviera Utilities. Running a ceiling fan can potentially increase the temperature to a comfortable 80 degrees for you and your family. When the weather is more pleasant, feel free to open the windows.

Power down or disconnect unused devices: Riviera Utilities advises switching off lights, fans, and unplugging unused appliances. Make the most of natural light during the mornings and afternoons.

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Riviera Utilities suggests addressing problematic pipes to avoid increased water bills. If your toilet is constantly running or you have leaky faucets, fixing these issues can help prevent unnecessary expenses.

Stay vigilant about your AC: Ensure that your outdoor AC unit remains clear of any leaves or debris, as advised by Riviera Utilities. Regularly changing AC filters is essential to prevent the HVAC system from becoming overworked.

In Baldwin County, residents are familiar with water shortages during the summer. City governments attribute these shortages to excessive lawn-watering during hot and dry periods. Riviera Utilities advises residents to rely on rainwater for watering their lawns when rainfall is expected. Disabling the scheduled sprinklers can help conserve water and reduce the water bill.

Take your chores outside and enjoy the great outdoors: Save energy by air drying clothes on a line outside instead of using the clothes dryer. Consider using a grill to cook your meals outside rather than relying on the stove, as this can help prevent an increase in indoor temperature.

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