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Hypothermia Concerns: A Guide to Finding Warming Centers in Metro Detroit

Hypothermia Concerns: A Guide to Finding Warming Centers in Metro Detroit

As winter intensifies in Metro Detroit, the chilling cold presents a serious threat, particularly hypothermia. Hypothermia, a medical emergency occurring when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature, is a significant concern during Detroit’s harsh winters.

To combat this threat, the city has set up warming centers and respite locations, ensuring that those in need, especially the homeless, can find shelter from the cold. This article will guide you through finding these warming centers in Metro Detroit, focusing on their locations, services, and how to access them.

City of Detroit Warming Centers and Respite Locations

The City of Detroit, recognizing the urgent need to protect its residents from the severe cold, has established several warming centers and respite locations across the city. These centers are open now through March 31 and are specifically designed to provide shelter and essential services to residents experiencing homelessness.

  1. Warming Centers: Operated by Cass Community Social Services and Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, these centers cater to families, single women, and single men. They provide two meals a day, showers, sleeping facilities, and housing assistance. To ensure safety, these centers are supervised around the clock.
    • Cass Community Social Services: Serves families and single women.
    • Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries: Two locations serving families and single women, and single males.
  2. Respite Locations: In addition to the overnight warming centers, the City of Detroit has transformed several recreation centers and public library branches into daytime respite locations. These are open during normal operating hours and provide a warm place for residents to stay.
    • Recreation Centers: Include Adams Butzel Complex, Butzel Family Center, Clemente Recreation Center, Farwell Recreation Center, Lasky Recreation Center, Northwest Activities Center, Patton Recreation Center, Kemeny Recreation Center, Crowell Recreation Center, and Heilmann Recreation Center.
    • Public Library Branches: All branches of the Detroit Public Library are available during their regular operating hours.

Accessing the Warming Centers

Residents who need to access these warming centers or emergency shelters should contact the City of Detroit’s Housing Services Helpline at 866-313-2520 (available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.). For veterans, a dedicated line is available at the same number from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours or on holidays, those seeking shelter should directly approach the warming centers:

  • Cass Community Social Services: 11850 Woodrow Wilson St., Detroit, MI 48206.
  • Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries – Mack Warming Center: 11037 Mack Ave., Detroit, MI 48214.
  • Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries – Third Street Warming Center: 3535 Third Ave., Detroit, MI 48201.

Coordinated Assessment Model (CAM)

Detroit uses a coordinated entry process to access shelters and warming centers. During CAM hours of operation, individuals, families, and youth seeking shelter or warming center placements can go to 1600 Porter St. Detroit, MI 48216 for an assessment and intake procedure. Veterans should go to 4646 John R St. Red Tower 2nd Detroit, MI 48201. CAM staff can be reached at (313)-305-0311 for exploring shelter options and making shelter placements.

Ensuring Safety and Security

All facilities prioritize the safety and security of residents. Individuals are supervised at all times and are provided with meals, showering, and sleeping accommodations. Clients are also encouraged to utilize support services available, including referrals, housing assistance, health screening, and other related services.

As the cold weather persists, the City of Detroit’s initiative to provide warming centers and respite locations is a vital service for its residents, particularly for those vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions. These centers not only offer shelter from the cold but also provide essential services that can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

It’s crucial for residents to be aware of these services and how to access them, ensuring that everyone has a safe place to stay during Detroit’s coldest months​

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