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Texas Attorney General Throws Support Behind Challenger to Speaker Phelan

Texas Attorney General Throws Support Behind Challenger to Speaker Phelan

At the Monday night rally, Republican candidate David Covey focused on addressing what he referred to as “the elephant not in the room – Dade Phelan.”

Covey, whose literature says he is “a true conservative champion,” is the foil to what he and Attorney General Ken Paxton described as Phelan’s faux conservative posture behind which lies a Republican kowtowing to Democrats in order to maintain “perceived power.”

Paxton expressed admiration for Covey’s bravery in challenging the Speaker of the House during a campaign rally organized by the True Texas Project. The event, held at the MCM Elegante Hotel, drew a crowd of several dozen supporters. “The actions being taken are expected to have a significant influence on both the state and the nation.”

Paxton’s message centered largely on the need to unseat Phelan and other House Republicans who joined in the effort to impeach and remove him from the office of Attorney General in September of 2023.

Paxton was acquitted by the Senate on all 16 charges of corruption and bribery brought by the House. However, the grueling process reportedly drained Paxton’s finances, as he had to spend a staggering $6 million on lawyers’ fees. As a result, he now finds himself without funds to pay his staff or invest in any future political campaigns.

It was a miscarriage of justice carried out upon the state’s leader in justice at the taxpayers’ expense, Paxton said. He credits the people of Texas who reached out to their representatives and senators for getting him through the storm.

“I am here today because of the people of Texas,” Paxton said. “The support and well wishes from others are what provide me with the motivation to persevere.”

In addition, he mentioned the emergence of young politicians who have been appointed as committee chairs over the years. These elected officials come to Austin with the sincere intention of performing their duties diligently and contributing to the improvement of their constituents’ lives.

Party leadership extends their guidance to them. Paxton addressed the crowd, emphasizing their desire to contribute to the team and secure valuable committee assignments, as these are the avenues through which they can have a meaningful impact.

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Elected officials often make decisions based on political motivations rather than the satisfaction of their constituents. Their primary goal is to acquire and maintain power, even if it means voting for policies that may not please the people they represent.

Paxton claimed that despite one’s outward display of power, they are actually being influenced and directed by others. Dade Phelan is undeniably a resident of this world.

Paxton claims that Phelan’s appointment of committee chair positions did not include any Democrats, contrary to Phelan’s assertion of fairness and tradition. According to Paxton, Phelan’s motives behind pursuing his impeachment and disallowing him to try cases of voter fraud or challenge the Criminal Court of Appeals were driven by his desire to become Speaker of the House. Paxton claims that David Covey refuses to tolerate the go-along-to-get-along mentality.

“If we don’t take this back, (Republicans) lose the state in two years,” Paxton said. “Individuals such as David Covey are known for their ability to accomplish tasks efficiently.” Covey is prepared to engage in a battle for the essence of conservative Texas.

In addition to the concerns raised by Paxton, Covey highlighted the shortcomings of his District 21 opponent in addressing the concerns of Texans who are seeking homestead tax relief, advocating for school choice, opposing the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools, and addressing the challenges at the border.

At Monday’s rally, Paxton had to leave early because of Interstate 10 closures that would affect his travel plans. However, Covey stayed behind to engage in a Q&A session with the attendees. Some of them expressed concerns about how they would be able to get home if the interstate was closed.

But their fears seems short-lived as the discussion ensued, Covey responding to inquiries about the criminal court of appeals candidates Paxton referenced having helped get on the ballot, as well as questions about Covey’s top priorities and family rights legislation.

They’re issues part and parcel to the True Texas Project conservative agenda – a group born out of the Northeast Tarrant Tea Party led by Julie McCarty and Fran Rhodes that has branched out statewide.

Getting leadership like David Covey into office is front and center heading into the March election, and they’re relying on support from Southeast Texas and other voters to make it a reality.

“You are in the blessed position to change the future of Texas,” Paxton told the crowd. “The majority of individuals may not achieve recognition in the annals of history, but we will all face judgment one day. Each person will be held accountable for their actions in preserving the state of Texas.”

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