In the Shadows Ranking the 5 Cities in Maryland Where Misery Looms Largest

There is a reality that is seldom discussed beneath the surface of Maryland’s stunning scenery and iconic sites. The most unstable cities have eerie tales of hopelessness and socioeconomic difficulties that are explored in this article.

We list the five cities where the weight of sadness is felt the most deeply, bringing attention to the problems that are frequently ignored, from the struggles on the streets of Baltimore to the mute screams in the lanes of Cumberland.

Travel with us through the most desolate areas of Maryland, where optimism seems elusive.


At 8.7%, Bladensburg, a community of 9,591 people, has a comparatively low rate of poverty. This area’s stability and appeal to homeowners is reflected in the $302,200 median property price.

Married people make up only 2.0% of families, which suggests that the makeup of homes may be diverse.

Families with children make up 36.86% of households, highlighting Bladensburg’s youthful population and emphasis on family-friendly living.


Brunswick, a community of 7,578 people, has an 8.6% poverty rate, which suggests a somewhat stable economic climate.

In the Shadows Ranking the 5 Cities in Maryland Where Misery Looms Largest
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The average cost of a property in Brunswick is $276,300, which illustrates how reasonably priced the housing market is in comparison to more populous cities.

There are a lot of families and couples in the community, as evidenced by the 19.0% of married homes. In addition, 34.55% of Brunswick homes are headed by children, indicating a demographic that values families.

New Carrollton

With 13,574 residents, New Carrollton has a comparatively low rate of poverty (7.0%). With a typical home price of $312,800, this area has a steady housing market.

A varied residential makeup is indicated by the fact that married households make up 2.0% of the population. With 34.32% of homes having children, families with children make up a sizable share of the population.

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In Maryland’s Montgomery County, Poolesville is a small town with a population of about 5,666. Recognized for having a poverty rate as low as 0.5%, the community has a steady economic climate.

In the Shadows Ranking the 5 Cities in Maryland Where Misery Looms Largest
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Poolesville’s real estate market is highly valuable, as seen by the area’s attractiveness and $533,100 median home price. Married households make up about 9.0% of Poolesville households, highlighting the town’s strong family culture.

Additionally, children reside in about 45.89% of households, showing a sizable chunk of the town’s population is made up of families.

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At 6.0%, the poverty rate in Glenarden, a community of 6,341 people, is comparatively low. Glenarden has a stable and appealing community, as seen by the $334,900 median property price.

Married homes, which make up 4.0% of the total population, and families with children, which make up 41.47% of households, dominate the area.

For many inhabitants looking for a balanced lifestyle, Glenarden appeals because it is affordable and offers a family-friendly atmosphere.

To Conclude

Maryland is a state full of scenic views and historic charm, but it’s important to recognize that some of its municipalities face significant challenges. Even in moments of stability, Bladensburg and Brunswick struggle with their finances.

Even though Glenarden, Poolesville, and New Carrollton have lower percentages of poverty, a closer examination of socioeconomic indices may highlight hidden difficulties. Beyond its beautiful landscape, Maryland has a rich history.

By drawing attention to these facts, we can fight to ensure that every resident has a brighter future and that prosperity permeates the entire state. Let’s work to create a Maryland where everyone can prosper rather than just admiring its natural beauty.

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