Iowa Will Be Sued by the DOJ if It Acts on Immigration Law

The Department of Justice (DOJ) told Iowa on Friday that they might sue the state if it enforces an immigration law that says people who were previously denied entry into the United States cannot be in Iowa.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has notified Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds and state Attorney General Brenna Bird that it plans to file a lawsuit against Iowa by May 7th if the state enforces SF 2340. This bill criminalizes being in Iowa for individuals who have been previously removed from the U.S. or have deportation orders pending against them.

Reynolds stated that she will make sure the law is followed because it is her responsibility to keep the people of Iowa safe.

“We had to pass this law because the Biden Administration is not enforcing the laws that are already in place,” Reynolds said in a post on social platform X on Friday. “I am responsible for keeping the people of Iowa safe.” We will enforce and respect the rule of law, unlike the federal government.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) letter, which was first reported by the Des Moines Register, states that Iowa’s law is in violation of the Constitution and the Immigration and Nationality Act.

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“SF 2340 is in conflict with federal law and goes against the United States Constitution,” stated Brian Boynton, who is the principal deputy assistant U.S. attorney general, in a letter obtained by The Hill.

Boynton stated in the letter that the law essentially establishes its own immigration system, which interferes with the federal government’s authority in this area. Bird, similar to Reynolds, indicated that the state will continue with the law despite the DOJ’s request.

“Biden has not enforced federal immigration laws or secured our border. Now, he is also threatening to prevent states like IA from enforcing their own laws,” Bird said on X on Friday.

“Our message to Biden is this: Iowa will not give up and will support our state’s safety as it is at risk.” If Biden refuses to stop the influx of people crossing the border and ensure the safety of our communities, IA will take action on his behalf. The Department of Justice’s warning of a lawsuit is serious and not empty.

The department filed a lawsuit against Texas earlier this year. Texas had passed a law that allowed state law enforcement to carry out immigration duties and deport people to Mexico, even if they were not from Mexico. The law is currently on hold because there is an ongoing legal dispute.

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against Texas for placing big buoys in the Rio Grande to prevent migrants from crossing the river. The department also objected to Texas placing concertina wire along the border, arguing that it hindered the work of U.S. immigration agents.

The lawsuits are still going through the court system, but the Department of Justice has mostly been successful. The courts have agreed with the department that immigration enforcement is a power that only the federal government has.

Republicans across the country have criticized President Biden, claiming that he is not enforcing federal law at the southern border.

In February, House Republicans impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to express their disagreement with President Biden’s abortion policies. The House GOP stopped a bipartisan agreement made in the Senate earlier this year that would have put new rules in place along the border. Iowa’s law, which Governor Reynolds signed on April 10th, will start being enforced on July 1st.

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