6 Most Affluent Black Neighborhoods in Long Island

Long Island, located in the southeastern part of New York, is home to a variety of different communities and beautiful landscapes. The beaches on Long Island are naturally beautiful, and the small towns have a charming atmosphere. There is also a vibrant suburban energy that all combines together in perfect harmony.

Long Island is well-known for its vibrant cities, beautiful coastlines, and thriving African American communities. These communities offer great educational opportunities, safe residential areas, and plenty of options for shopping, dining, and recreation.

If you are a Black family searching for your ideal home, Long Island has a wide range of options that provide a mix of stunning landscapes, diverse cultural experiences, and a welcoming community. Join us as we explore 10 wealthy Black neighborhoods in Long Island, each offering a unique glimpse into the island’s character.

Affluent Black Neighborhoods in Long Island


Hempstead, which is in Nassau County, is a great option for Black families who want a neighborhood that combines cultural connections with financial security. The town is attractive to families who want a fulfilling lifestyle because of its diverse community and steady economic growth.

The large number of Black people in Hempstead is an important part of its population. The organization provides a space for Black families to connect through shared cultural experiences and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Hewlett Bay Park

Hewlett Bay Park is a small and wealthy neighborhood in Nassau County, Long Island. It is a popular place for Black families who are looking for luxury and exclusivity. This village is a great place for people who like privacy and luxury. It has a peaceful environment and a high-quality way of life.

Hewlett Bay Park is a diverse community with 6.52% of its residents being Black or African American. Although the village is not mostly made up of Black people, this percentage still plays an important role in the village’s makeup and adds to its cultural diversity.

Hewlett Bay Park is one of the wealthiest areas on Long Island. This area has a high level of financial success, with an average household income of $530,468 and a median income of $250,001. Hewlett Bay Park has a very low poverty rate, which means it is economically stable.

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Brookville is a beautiful village in Nassau County. It is known as one of the wealthy Black neighborhoods on Long Island because of its luxurious and exclusive nature. Brookville is famous for its big properties and high quality of life. It is a popular place for people who want privacy and luxury.

The population of Brookville is mostly White, but it also has a small but important number of Black or African American residents. They make up about 4.77% of the community. This presence, even though small, contributes to the variety of this wealthy village.

Brookville is a place where people have a good quality of life. The area has the highest average household income, which indicates that there is a lot of wealth and economic stability in the local community. The residents have a median income of over $250,000, which shows that they are financially successful.


Rosedale is a neighborhood in Queens that is considered wealthy and has a close-knit community. It is also culturally important for Black families. The neighborhood is a great place for families to live and grow because it offers both comfortable homes and economic stability.

Most of the people who live in Rosedale are Black or African American. Rosedale is an important choice for Black families looking for a place with cultural significance and representation because of its significant demographic presence.

Rosedale is doing well economically, with the average household income falling between $58,396 and $106,930. This economic range shows that the people living here have a good amount of money and financial stability.


Manhasset, a beautiful area in Nassau County, is next on the list of the wealthiest black neighborhoods in Long Island. Manhasset is well-known for being peaceful and quiet. It has large homes and beautiful landscapes, making it a great place for families who want a comfortable and elegant lifestyle.

Manhasset is a suburban area with around 8,000 residents. It offers a peaceful and friendly environment that is perfect for families looking for a balance between community living and personal tranquility. The area has large houses with gardens, which are great for families to enjoy and relax in.


Uniondale, located in Nassau County, is a great place for Black families. It is affluent and has a diverse culture. This special village is a lively representation of Long Island’s diverse culture. It is an important part of the larger town of Hempstead.

The majority of Uniondale’s population is Black, making up 35.4% of its residents. Uniondale’s charm as a welcoming and inclusive environment for Black families is highlighted by the large number of Black residents.

Uniondale is experiencing significant economic growth and is considered a prosperous area. In 2021, the average income for a household was $96,359. The rise in median income shows that the economy has improved.

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