Lets Explore 5 Most Popular Streets in New York State

There are some must-see spots in New York that are also on some of the city’s busiest streets. However, New York is different from one street to the next. One minute you’ll be walking down a fancy cobblestone street, and the next you’ll be amazed by huge buildings.

Which parts of New York City you like will depend on what you want to see. Are trips to museums and art galleries high on your list? What about beautiful city parks or huge mansions? Or maybe traveling around the world’s center of business, banking, and theater? If you don’t know which New York places to visit, here are some of our favorites. From streets lined with trees to streets full of museums, this list will help you find the most famous areas and plan your walk through New York’s lively streets.


You can get to Times Square’s bright lights, flashy ads, and huge signs by taking the Broadway. The street goes through the center of business and turns into a town square that hundreds of thousands of people walk through every day. This building is home to many businesses, and their names can be seen above the busy pedestrian areas. As you walk around the plaza, you’ll see a lot of different costumed characters acting for tips from people.

If going to a Broadway show is on your list of things to do, you can get your tickets at TKTS Times Square. Broadway is a word that is often used to refer to the Theater District and New York City’s old theaters. Take a walk down the theater-lined road to see what shows are going on and see some of New York’s best actors perform.

Park Avenue

You can see how well-built New York’s famous buildings are by taking a stroll down Park Avenue. Hold on tight to your camera, because the tall buildings get more amazing as you move farther away. You can start your walk outside of Union Square and see old buildings like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Grand Central Terminal is an amazing Beaux-Arts commuter train terminal that you can get to right from Park Avenue. A lot of people in New York meet up with friends and family in the Main Concourse around the famous 4-faced opal clock. The MetLife Building, the Waldorf Astoria, and the 432 Park Avenue residential skyscraper are some of the other engineering marvels you can see on your walk of Park Avenue.

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Washington Street

Photographers and movie fans love Washington Street because it has a famous view of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). The picture has been used in so many movies, TV shows, and Instagram posts that it has become Brooklyn’s most-wanted picture. At the waterfront intersection, you can see a beautiful view of the bridge between red-brick houses and a cobblestone street. The Empire State Building is way out in the distance, past the Manhattan Bridge.

Wall Street

Wall Street runs for 8 blocks through Lower Manhattan’s Financial District and is the world’s business hub. Wall Street is where the New York Stock Exchange is located. It is where the world’s most powerful investors and bankers hang out. A lot of the biggest banks and trading firms in the United States have their main offices and headquarters on this narrow street. However, Wall Street isn’t just about business because it’s in Manhattan’s original neighborhood.

Crosby Street

Crosby Street is a quiet place to get away from all the big-box stores in SoHo. The cobblestone street has a lot of colorful independent shops and designers, and it’s only one block away from the pretty dull Broadway stores. Crosby Street is a better place to shop because it doesn’t have as many noisy tourists or flashy ads. The six-block street is home to unique clothing stores that will inspire your sense of style.

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