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The Top 10 Most Unsafe Places in Detroit

The Top 10 Most Unsafe Places in Detroit

Detroit, once a thriving hub of the American automotive industry, has faced numerous challenges over the years, including economic decline, population loss, and high crime rates. This article provides a detailed examination of the most unsafe neighborhoods in Detroit as of 2024, shedding light on the areas with the highest crime rates and the underlying factors contributing to these conditions.

Understanding Detroit’s Crime Landscape

Before delving into specific neighborhoods, it’s essential to grasp the overall crime situation in Detroit. According to a report by CrimeGrade.org, Detroit is in the 16th percentile for safety, meaning 84% of cities are safer, with a crime rate of 37.55 per 1,000 residents during a standard year​​.

The city has struggled with violent crimes, including murder, rape, robbery, and assault. The southeast neighborhoods are particularly vulnerable, with a crime chance as high as 1 in 13, whereas the north part of the city is considered safer​​.

1. Fishkorn

Fishkorn stands out as the most dangerous, with a violent crime rate 175% higher than Detroit’s average​​. The area is notorious for pedestrian accidents, shootings, and robberies, making it a particularly unsafe neighborhood.

2. Carbon Works

Carbon Works follows closely with a 162% higher violent crime rate than the city’s average​​. The neighborhood grapples with issues like gang violence and drug trafficking, significantly impacting its safety.

3. Van Steuban

Van Steuban is marked by a violent crime rate 145% higher than Detroit’s average. The neighborhood is known for its dangerous streets, frequent traffic accidents, and a high rate of violent crimes, including sexual assaults​​​​.

4. Warrendale

Warrendale’s crime rate is 144% higher than the city’s average. This neighborhood faces challenges like shootings, assaults, and break-ins, compounded by a lack of local businesses and services​​​​.

5. Franklin Park

With a violent crime rate 140% higher than Detroit’s average, Franklin Park is a hotspot for robbery and homicide. The neighborhood’s proximity to the Detroit River contributes to its high crime rate and gang activity​​​​.

6. Barton-McFarland

Barton-McFarland’s crime rate is 137% higher than the city’s average. It faces similar issues as other dangerous neighborhoods, with prevalent gang and drug activities​​.

7. Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, with a 127% higher crime rate, is densely populated and struggles with high unemployment and poverty, making it a breeding ground for crime​​​​.

8. Riverdale

Riverdale’s crime rate is 119% higher than Detroit’s average. The area is known for its unemployment issues and gang-related activities​​.

9. The Eye

Also with a crime rate 119% higher than the average, The Eye is troubled by gangs, drug trafficking, and a high unemployment rate​​​​.

10. East English Village

This neighborhood has a crime rate 106% higher than Detroit’s average, making it relatively safer than the others mentioned but still dangerous​​.

Other Notable High-Risk Areas

Other neighborhoods, such as Brush Park, Belmont, Highland Park, Corktown, and Eastern Market, also have high crime rates and face issues like poverty, gang violence, and drug trafficking​​.

Contributing Factors to High Crime Rates

Several factors contribute to the high crime rates in these neighborhoods:

  • Economic Struggles: Many residents live below the poverty line, leading to higher crime rates.
  • Unemployment: Lack of job opportunities exacerbates criminal activities.
  • Gang Violence: Many neighborhoods are plagued by gang-related crimes.
  • Drug Trafficking: Drug-related crimes are prevalent in these areas.
  • Abandoned Buildings: These serve as hubs for criminal activities.


Detroit’s struggle with crime and safety is a complex issue, rooted in socio-economic challenges and urban decay. While efforts are ongoing to revitalize and improve safety in these neighborhoods, the journey towards transformation is arduous. Residents and visitors alike are advised to exercise caution, particularly in the neighborhoods identified as the most dangerous.

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