Let's Explore the Scariest Road in Georgia to Travel

Georgia has many stunning and scenic roads, but some can be quite terrifying. One of the most eerie and unsettling places is Old Ghost Road, located in the town of Brooklet, just outside Statesboro. Known for its supernatural occurrences, strange sightings, and unsettling noises, Old Ghost Road has become infamous as the scariest road in Georgia.

The Tale of the Ditch Digger

An enduring tale associated with Old Ghost Road is the legend of the ditch digger. According to this story, people driving on the road at night might see a dim orange light far away. As they get closer, they see a man digging a ditch on the side of the road, possibly to bury or uncover a human head. As the man sees the car coming closer, he marches forward in frustration, but disappears before he can reach it. There are different beliefs about the man’s identity – some say he is the ghost of an executed murderer, while others believe he is a victim searching for his severed head.

The Graveyard of Phantom Canines

Another spooky feature of Old Ghost Road is the nearby small cemetery. According to legend, this cemetery is believed to be haunted by faithful dogs who continue to stay loyal to their owners even after passing away. Visitors have mentioned hearing barking, howling, and scratching noises, as if the ghostly dogs are trying to dig up their owners’ graves. Some people claim to have seen ghostly dogs wandering around the cemetery or following them to their cars.

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Additional Supernatural Events

Old Ghost Road is not only haunted by the ditch digger and ghost dogs, but it also harbors other mysterious entities and events. Drivers have described seeing orbs of light, shadowy figures, and apparitions of people and animals while driving. Driving can sometimes lead to car trouble like engine failure, flat tires, and electrical malfunctions. Some people have reported experiencing cold spots, touches, and pushes from unseen forces.

In conclusion

Old Ghost Road is a route many people steer clear of, particularly after dark. Having a rich history filled with spooky tales and enigmas, this location is known as one of Georgia’s most haunted spots. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, Old Ghost Road is guaranteed to give you chills. Are you up for the challenge of exploring Georgia’s scariest road?

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