This Haunted Cemetery Story in Idaho Can Scare You at Night

Idaho, famous for its breathtaking landscapes, holds a number of intriguing stories. One of the most haunted locations in Idaho City is the Boot Hill Cemetery. This cemetery, located in a former gold mining town that was once the largest city in the Northwest, tells a chilling tale.

The Origins of Boot Hill Cemetery

Founded in 1863 during a tumultuous and prosperous period in Idaho City’s history, Boot Hill Cemetery got its name from the people buried there who met their end through violence, diseases, or accidents, still wearing their boots. The graves are marked with wooden signs indicating the cause of death, which vary from “Hanged,” “Shot,” or “Stabbed” to more enigmatic labels such as “Unknown” or “Stranger.”

The cemetery is also the final resting place for notorious individuals like George Ives, a prominent figure in the outlaw gang called the Innocents, who caused chaos through their acts of murder and robbery. Ives met his demise in 1864 when he was lynched by a vigilante group. They accused him of murdering a fellow miner. According to legend, visitors are cautioned against stepping on or touching his grave due to a supposed curse.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Boot Hill Cemetery

Visitors to Boot Hill Cemetery have shared a variety of supernatural experiences, such as seeing apparitions, hearing voices without bodies, feeling sudden drops in temperature, and detecting unexplained smells. There are several notable specters that have been reported in this area. One is a woman in a white dress, who is believed to be the ghost of a murdered prostitute. Another is a man in a black suit, who is thought to be a gambler that was shot during a card game. Lastly, there is a little girl in a blue dress, who is purportedly the spirit of a child that died from typhoid fever.

Some people have even documented their strange experiences through photographs, capturing orbs, mists, or unexplained anomalies. Reports also mention symptoms like unease, nausea, dizziness, and, in severe instances, physical encounters like scratches, bites, or pushes.

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Decoding the Mystery of Boot Hill Cemetery

Boot Hill Cemetery intrigues and disturbs those who are fascinated by its tumultuous and sorrowful past. Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution and respect when exploring the cemetery, as they may come across unexpected sights. Boot Hill Cemetery, known for its eerie past, appeals to the adventurous souls willing to explore its enigmatic history.


Idaho City’s Boot Hill Cemetery, a haunted location in a former gold mining town, is known for its mysterious past. Founded in 1863, the cemetery is named after people buried there who died through violence, diseases, or accidents. Visitors have reported supernatural experiences, including apparitions, voices, and unexplained smells. The cemetery is a haunting place for those fascinated by its eerie past.

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