Listing 6 Most Poor Counties in Florida to Live in 2024

Florida is often pictured as a place with lots of sunshine and plenty of money, but the state also has its fair share of economic problems. The general poverty rate in the state is about 12.7%, but in some counties it is much higher, which means that people there are still having a hard time. Find out about Florida’s poorest areas by reading on.

The Poorest Counties in Florida

Glades County

Glades County has 12,234 people living in it. It is the smallest county in Florida. The average family income in this area is $37,221, and 19.5% of people live in poverty. Glades County is proud to host the Chalo Nitka Festival, which is one of Florida’s oldest annual events, even though the economy is bad. The community comes together for this event, which honors the past and culture of the area.

Madison County

The Florida county Madison County was named for the Founding Father James Madison in 1827. It is also a poor county. The typical household income is $43,386 and the poverty rate is 21.2%. There are 18,288 people living in the area. Madison County has a lot of historical importance, but it also has problems with its economy, which is typical of some parts of the state.

Calhoun County

Calhoun County is another poor county in Florida. It was created in 1838 and named after John C. Calhoun, a senator from South Carolina who served in the US Senate. People here, 13,641, are having a hard time with money because the median family income is $41,526 and 22.2% of people live in poverty. The history of the county and its present statistics show that many of its residents are still having a hard time.

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Putnam County

Putnam County is home to 74,167 people and is located between Jacksonville, Gainesville, St. Augustine, and Daytona Beach. Some households make as much as $44,852, but 22.5% of people here live in poverty.

The county is less than 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and has a lot of waterfront land on the St. Johns River and many lakes. With its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and several lakes, this central Florida county has a lot of natural beauty that makes it a nice place to live.

Dixie County

The economy is bad in Dixie County, as it is in many other poor areas in Florida. The median household income in the county is $45,057, and 22.1% of its 17,102 people live in poverty. The county works to improve the live of its residents. Even though Dixie County is having trouble with its economy, there are interesting places to visit, like the Old Town Methodist Church and the famous Putnam Lodge.

Taylor County

The typical household income in Taylor County, Florida, is $46,239, and 19.5% of the 21,815 people who live there live in poverty. It is the ninth poorest county in Florida. Taylor County has had problems with its economy, but it is known for holding the Florida Forest Festival every year, which shows off its longtime title as the “Tree Capital of the South.” Even though the county is having money problems, its dedication to preserving and celebrating its natural riches is a unique part of its character.

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