Listing the Most Liberal Cities to Live in North Carolina

North Carolina is known for its long past and varied landscapes. It also has cities that support liberal ideas and are leaders in progressivism in the southern US. There are a lot of different political views in the state as a whole, but some towns are known for having very liberal and progressive communities. Please read on to learn about the North Carolina towns that are the most liberal.

The Most Liberal Cities In North Carolina

Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is the largest city in North Carolina and the most liberal. People often call the city the “Southern Part of Heaven.” It’s a small city with a big heart for growth. The city is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has a lively educational scene that supports liberal ideas.

The university’s influence has helped make the town more diverse and welcoming, with a strong focus on social justice projects. Chapel Hill always comes high on many lists because of its progressive policies, dedication to sustainability, and active involvement in the community.


Durham, also known as “The Bull City,” has changed from a center for tobacco and textiles to a modern, busy city. Duke University and the Research Triangle Park have brought in a diverse and educated community that has helped make the city more liberal.

People know Durham for its strong arts scene, dedication to affordable living, and support for the rights of LGBTQ+ people. The city has adopted progressive policies, which make it a home for people who want to live in a place that is more open and socially aware.

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Carrboro is a small town with a big liberal heart. It is right next to Chapel Hill. The town’s dedication to social justice, the environment, and community involvement shows how progressive its ideals are.

Carrboro is known for having a busy local government that backs projects that promote equality and inclusion. The town’s many events and gatherings bring together people with liberal views, giving them a sense of unity.Carrboro is a special and friendly place because it stands for progressive beliefs.


Boone is a college town in the Appalachians. It is home to Appalachian State University. The town is young and forward-thinking, and there is a big focus on being environmentally friendly and doing things outside. People in Boone are known for getting involved in community projects and working hard to make the area a friendly place for everyone.


There is a city in the middle of North Carolina called Asheboro that has both modern ideas and a Southern charm. Events in the city’s neighborhoods that honor people from various countries and backgrounds show how committed the city is to diversity.

Asheboro is known as a liberal city that values both individual freedom and growth as a whole. Its growing arts scene and focus on education help to maintain this image.


Morganton is a liberal city in the foothills of the Appalachians that values social duty and getting involved in the community. People looking for a more forward-thinking community are drawn to the city more and more because it supports local businesses, cultural diversity, and progressive policies. Morganton is becoming known as a city open to new ideas and welcoming practices thanks to its mix of natural beauty and liberal ideals.

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