These Top Reasons Can Prove That Lake Lanier Might Be Haunted

A day at the lake is thought to be one of the most relaxing things you can do. But a day at northern Georgia’s Lake Lanier could quickly turn into something else. A little-known fact about this lake is that a lot of people die every year in its deep, dark water. People have long thought that the lake is cursed and that people should only go there at their own risk because of this number and the scary past of the area.

Someone in charge in the area will tell you that no one has ever died while wearing a life jacket. You make a good point. But there are so many deaths, and some of them happen in strange ways, that it’s impossible not to wonder. Read the scary facts about Lake Sidney Lanier, one of the deadliest lakes in the US, and then decide if you believe the stories.

Top Reasons Lake Lanier Might Be Haunted

Electrocutions on the Lake

The worry at Lake Lanier is getting electrocuted. In July 2023, Thomas Milner, 24, was electrified when he jumped off the dock his family owned and into the lake. A family friend tried to help Milner get out of the water with a ladder but failed. A neighbor’s boat came up behind them, and someone jumped into the water to help. That person felt a burning feeling right away, which they knew to be an electric shock. They swam to land, turned off the power box, and then went back to get Milner. Thomas got out alive, but the next day he died from his injuries at the hospital.

Boat Collisions Plague the Waters

People often say that Lake Lanier is a dangerous place to go boating, especially in the summer. On June 17, 2012, just before midnight, a fishing boat hit a pontoon boat “basically head-on,” killing two boys. The body of nine-year-old Jacob Prince was quickly found by rescuers. But it was harder to find 13-year-old Griffin Prince because the lake had a lot of deep water and trees at the bottom.

In the accident, Jacob’s mother and two other children were hurt. Paul Bennett, the fisherman, was charged with fishing while drunk, acting recklessly, and not helping after the accident. A 10-year-old girl broke her leg when two boats met in the lake in June 2023 and had to be flown to a nearby hospital.

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The Death of Kile Glover

Kile Glover was hit by a personal boat while sitting on an inner tube on Lake Lanier in July 2012. Kile Glover was the son of fashion designer Tameka Foster and ex-wife of R&B star Usher. Eleven years later, Foster got more than 2,500 people to sign a letter asking the government to “drain, clean, and restore” Lake Lanier. The petition asks for important safety changes and for the lake to be cleared of dangerous objects and other things that get in the way.

The Lady of the Lake

It was 1958, and Delia May Parker Young and Susie Roberts left a dance together. When they stopped for gas, they chose not to pay and left. They probably crossed a bridge over Lake Lanier too quickly because they made a hasty choice. This caused their car wheels to skid off the road and into the cold, dark water below. Their car went down into the lake and stayed there for more than 30 years before it was found by authorities. The accident killed both of the women.

Unmarked Graves Under the Lake

In order to get ready for the lake, the Army Corps of Engineers took down any structures or trees they thought could be dangerous. They also moved barns and other wooden buildings, as well as bridges and water sources. But there was also a cemetery in the town. A spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cesar Yabor, said that the Corps found and moved marked graves, but it’s possible that some unmarked graves were left behind.

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