Listing 6 Safest Neighborhoods in Charlotte for 2024

Charlotte is a vibrant city that effortlessly combines Southern hospitality with contemporary city life. Charlotte is a popular destination for residents and visitors due to its rich history, thriving economy, and vibrant neighborhoods. Continue reading to find out about the safest areas in Charlotte.

Is Charlotte a safe place?

Similar to many other major cities, Charlotte has neighborhoods that are considered unsafe. Charlotte has a violent crime rate of 7.24 per 1,000 residents, nearly twice the national average of 3.7 per 1,000. Residents of Charlotte face a 1 in 138 likelihood of experiencing a violent crime.

Although it’s not a guarantee that you will encounter crime, it’s crucial to acknowledge the heightened risk and implement appropriate safety measures, particularly in regions with elevated crime levels.

Safest Charlotte Neighborhoods


Hembstead stands out as the most secure neighborhood in Charlotte. Hembstead, with a population of 4,014, boasts a violent crime rate that is significantly lower than the national average, making it an ideal place to reside. The likelihood of becoming a victim of a crime is 1 in 176. In addition to safety, Hembstead is renowned for providing residents with numerous recreational activities.

Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods is a secure community in Charlotte, established in the 1970s. It is recognized as a safe neighborhood within the city. Crime rates are significantly low, with violent crimes being 78% lower than the national average.

Residing in Sharon Woods comes with a 1 in 77 likelihood of experiencing crime. It was ranked as the 4th best neighborhood to live in the entire state of North Carolina by Niche, indicating its desirability and safety for residents.

Myers Park

Myers Park is a comfortable community in Charlotte recognized for its safety. This area in the city is considered safe, with a lower rate of violent crimes compared to the national average, which is reassuring for residents. The likelihood of experiencing crime in this area is quite low, approximately 1 in 52.

The homes in Myers Park are quite luxurious, boasting an average value of $778,762. Approximately 13,008 individuals reside in Myers Park, a charming neighborhood known for its upscale shops, gourmet markets, and stylish dining spots, particularly along Selwyn Avenue.

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Providence Plantation

Providence Plantation, which is ranked number five on our list, is located near the intersection of I-485 and Providence Road. This neighborhood, with a population of 9,578, is known for its safety, with violent crimes being 71% lower than the national average. Residing in this area means you have a 1 in 97 chance of experiencing crime, which contributes to a safe and tranquil community.

Sardis Forest

Sardis Forest is a secure neighborhood in North Carolina, with violent crimes 66% lower than the national average. The likelihood of being a victim of crime here is 1 in 95. Having a population of 5,820, Sardis Forest is considered safer than 93% of cities in North Carolina. In Sardis Forest, the median home value is $439,869.


Huntersville, a town in North Carolina, has a population of 61,376. This area is considered safe, with violent crimes significantly lower than the national average. The likelihood of being a victim of crime is 1 in 75. People also enjoy Huntersville due to its proximity to Lake Norman, offering a fantastic location for lake activities and waterfront fun.

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