Exploring 11 Most Famous Celebrities That Live in Vermont

Vermont is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lively communities, and peaceful way of life, making it a perfect escape from city life. Vermont is home to a surprising number of celebrities who have chosen to reside in this idyllic state.
From actors to musicians, politicians to authors, here are twenty celebrities who have made Vermont their home.

Celebrities That Live in Vermont


Jojo Came into the world Joanna Levesque, the singer-songwriter Jojo has discovered comfort and motivation in Vermont. Jojo, despite achieving international success in the music industry, stays connected to her Vermont roots by frequently returning to the state for relaxation and creative rejuvenation.

Thomas Davenport

Thomas Davenport, credited with inventing the electric motor, lived out his later years in Brandon, Vermont. Davenport’s groundbreaking contributions to electrical engineering transformed various industries and laid the foundation for today’s technologies.

Jody Williams

Jody Williams, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, now lives in Brattleboro, Vermont. Williams is well-known for her work advocating against landmines and her dedication to advancing peace and human rights globally.

Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley, a professional golfer from Woodstock, Vermont, still stays connected to his hometown. Bradley’s success on the PGA Tour has garnered attention for Vermont’s golfing community and motivated young athletes throughout the state.

Carlton Fisk

Carlton Fisk, a Hall of Fame baseball player, has made Vermont his home and lives in the town of Charlestown. Fisk has established a strong presence in baseball history through his successful career as a catcher for the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox.

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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, a well-known resident of Vermont, has made Burlington his home for many years. Sanders is recognized for his progressive politics and grassroots activism, embodying the Vermont ethos of community engagement and social responsibility.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Dorothy Canfield Fisher, a prominent writer and advocate for educational reform, resided in Arlington, Vermont. She was a highly productive writer, creating many novels, essays, and children’s books, and had a significant impact on educational practices in the early 20th century.


The renowned musician, famous for songs such as “Every Breath You Take” and “Fields of Gold,” possesses a stunning property in the picturesque town of Shaftsbury, Vermont. Sting enjoys the peace and beauty of Vermont away from the public eye.

Howard Dean

Howard Dean, a well-known figure in Vermont politics, was the state’s governor from 1991 to 2003. Following his time in office, Dean stayed in Vermont and remained involved in political and healthcare advocacy.

Willem Dafoe

Renowned actor Willem Dafoe, famous for his performances in movies such as “Platoon” and “The Florida Project,” lives on a farm in the quiet town of Ferrisburgh, Vermont. Even with his achievements in Hollywood, Dafoe appreciates the straightforward and genuine lifestyle of Vermont.

Grace Potter

The skilled singer-songwriter and lead singer of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals has strong connections to Vermont. Potter, who grew up in Waitsfield, has always cherished her Vermont roots and remains connected to the local community.


Vermont is a popular destination for celebrities, including singer-songwriter Jojo, inventor Thomas Davenport, Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jody Williams, golfer Keegan Bradley, Hall of Fame baseball player Carlton Fisk, progressive politician Bernie Sanders, writer Dorothy Canfield Fisher, musician Sting, former Vermont governor Howard Dean, actor Willem Dafoe, and singer-songwriter Grace Potter. These celebrities have chosen to live in Vermont for its beautiful landscapes, vibrant communities, and peaceful lifestyle, fostering a sense of community and community engagement.

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