These 6 Famous Celebrities are Living in Brooklyn

When considering celebrities residing in New York, Brooklyn is not typically the initial location that springs to mind. When considering Manhattan, neighborhoods such as Tribeca, Soho, and the Upper East Side come to mind. Many well-known individuals reside in Brooklyn, with numerous celebrities relocating to Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, and other trendy neighborhoods within the borough.

Most Famous Celebrities Live in Brooklyn

Adam Driver

Adam Driver is a well-known celebrity residing in Brooklyn. He is a well-known veteran who transitioned into acting and is famous for his memorable roles in Star Wars and Marriage Story. Standing at six feet tall with long flowing hair, he is a character that is quite noticeable when not on camera.

He is among the numerous celebrities who have relocated to the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. Several residents in the area have reported sightings of Adam Driver in the neighborhood.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig, famous for portraying James Bond, and his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, are a well-known celebrity couple residing in Brooklyn. Both actors are well-known for their performances in movies like Skyfall and Black Widow. The pair lives in a townhouse in the Cobble Hill area of the borough, which they bought from Martin Amis and Isabela Fonseca. According to reports, they continue to reside in their luxurious Brooklyn townhouse and are frequently seen in the area.

Matt Damon

Another well-known celebrity residing in Brooklyn is Matt Damon. This writer and actor gained widespread recognition after the success of his movie Good Will Hunting. He has worked on numerous films, either as an actor, producer, or writer. Matt Damon resides in a Brooklyn Heights penthouse that he bought for $16 million at the Standish building, establishing a price record for Brooklyn back then. He used a crane to move his furniture to the top floor instead of dealing with stairs.

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Ethan Hawke

Another well-known celebrity residing in Brooklyn is Ethan Hawke. This multi-talented individual is best known for his performances in movies such as Training Day and Dead Poets Society. Hawke was among the earliest actors to establish a presence in Boerum Hill, the neighborhood he now considers his home in the city. He resides in a stunning Greek revival townhouse that he purchased for nearly $4 million. In his free time, you may spot him strolling through the streets of Brooklyn.

Holly Hunter

Holly Hunter is a highly acclaimed actress. She is most famous for her roles in movies like The Piano, The Incredibles, and Raising Arizona. Everyone can easily identify her voice no matter where they are. Hunter resides in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. She bought a four-bedroom brownstone for approximately $4 million.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a very recognizable figure. Patrick Stewart, an English actor, has been a prominent figure in Star Trek and X-Men, showcasing his talent and experience in the industry. Stewart resides in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. Patrick Stewart has been a well-known figure in the neighborhood for many years, as sources report. He has resided in the same Park Slope residence since he relocated to the area.

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