Study Discloses 6 Most Liberal States in the USA

Every state in the United States has a unique political ideology. Continue reading to find out the most progressive states in the US. These states are significant Democratic political strongholds in 2024.

Most Liberal States in the USA


Massachusetts is considered the most liberal state in the USA. A recent Gallup study found that about 35% of Massachusetts voters are Democrats, the highest percentage among all states, leading to a Democratic trifecta. The Senate, House of Representatives, and Governor’s position in the state are all under Democratic control. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have a Democratic supermajority. Massachusetts is the top spot in the U.S. for voters leaning towards more liberal beliefs.


Maine is the second-most liberal state in America. In this coastal state, there are approximately 1.4 Million voters, with 33% identifying as Democrats. Furthermore, the State Senate and House of Representatives are controlled by the Democratic Party, along with the Governor’s seat. Overall, Maine stands out as one of the most progressive states in the country.


Washington ranks as the most liberal state on the west coast of the United States. Roughly 7.8 Million residents call this state home, with approximately 31% identifying as liberal voters. The Democratic Party has control of the State Senate with a lead of 9 seats over the Republican Party. The state’s House is under Democratic control, with a total of 58 Democratic Representatives. Furthermore, the Governor of the state belongs to the Democratic Party, solidifying Washington as another state with a liberal trifecta.

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New York

New York is famous for its popularity among liberals and Democrats. Even though the State Senate recently lost one vacant seat to the Republican party in 2022, it still has 42 Representatives in the Democratic Party. This maintains the State Senate under liberal control. In January 2023, Democrats also have the majority in the State Assembly, with 102 Democratic Senators currently serving. Moreover, the state Governor belongs to the Democratic Party, ensuring that New York remains a Democratic trifecta.


People from all over the country have always been drawn to California. With a voting population of around 39 Million, this state on the west coast has approximately 29% of its voters who are Democrats. Based on the latest election data, California currently holds a Democratic supermajority in both the Senate and State Assembly. California has a Democratic governor, making it one of the west coast states with Democratic trifecta status.


Oregon is a favored option for liberal voters on the west coast. Around 4.24 Million people reside in this state, with 30% identifying as Democratic voters. Oregon’s governing bodies are predominantly under liberal control, with the divisions in the House and Senate being slightly less pronounced compared to other states on this list.

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