Listing 7 Safest Neighbourhoods In Atlanta for 2024

If you are thinking about moving to or visiting Atlanta, it is important to understand that safety levels can vary in different neighborhoods. Atlanta, like any big city, has both safe areas and areas with higher crime rates. We have put together a complete list of the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta, which is also called the Big Peach, to assist you in finding your way around.

Is Atlanta a safe city?

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the overall crime rate in Atlanta has been decreasing, which means that the city is becoming safer. The city had its safest year ever in 2022, and predictions indicate that there will be even more improvements in 2023. But it’s important to remember that Atlanta has a higher crime rate, especially for violent crimes, compared to the rest of the country. Therefore, it is important for people who value safety to know which neighborhoods are the safest when planning to move.

Discovering the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta

1. North Buckhead

North Buckhead is considered the safest neighborhood in Atlanta. It includes Argonne Forest, Brandon, Brookhaven, Brookwood Hills, and Buckhead Village. This area is located north of the city center and has a population of about 9,000 residents. It is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful streets lined with trees. Even though people were worried about property crimes such as burglary and theft, the community has worked together to lower crime rates. The 2021 Buckhead Security Plan has played a big role in this, and now the overall crime rates are 60% lower than the average for the city.

2. Candler Park

Candler Park is located slightly northeast of downtown and is known as the city’s second safest neighborhood. Candler Park is known for its beautiful yards, easy-to-use sidewalks, and lively community. The Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO) helps organize a variety of activities in the area. The Candler Park/Lake Claire (CPLC) Patrol, which is part of the Neighborhood Watch program, has played a key role in decreasing crime rates. As a result, the overall crime rates in Candler Park are now 40% lower than the average crime rates in Atlanta. This has helped establish Candler Park as a safe and secure neighborhood.

3. Morningside/Lenox Park

Morningside/Lenox Park is known for being very safe. It is located northeast of downtown and has a mix of historic charm and easy access to amenities. The area has beautiful homes, easy-to-walk layouts, and lots of amenities like parks and farmer’s markets, perfect for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The neighborhood has lower rates of violent and property crimes compared to the average in Atlanta. This makes it a great option for residents who prioritize safety, despite occasional worries about petty theft.

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4. Virginia-Highland

Virginia-Highland, also called “VaHi,” is a lively and safe community in Atlanta. The neighborhood is busy during the day with its shops and restaurants, but becomes more relaxed at night. Theft and robbery are still problems, but the Virginia-Highland Security Patrol has helped reduce crime rates by 61% below the city average.

5. Inman Park

Inman Park is a neighborhood that has a lot of history and a welcoming vibe. It’s a special place that combines safety and charm. The beautiful streets of this place are perfect for people who love the outdoors, especially because it is close to the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail. The Inman Park Neighborhood Association and law enforcement work together to keep crime rates low. Although robbery and theft rates are slightly higher, the overall crime rate in Inman Park is 45% lower than Atlanta’s average.

6. Midtown Atlanta

Midtown is a great place for singles and young professionals. It has a wide range of things to do and places to go, and it’s known for being safe. The neighborhood has a great combination of businesses and entertainment options, making it a good place for both work and leisure activities. Collaborations with law enforcement, such as Court Watch and Midtown Blue programs, help keep crime rates in Atlanta 60% lower than the average. This ensures that residents have a safe environment to live in.

7. Poncey-Highland

Poncey-Highland is a neighborhood in Atlanta that is located just northeast of downtown. It is known for being one of the safest neighborhoods in the city. It has a lower crime rate of 21% compared to the average for the city. It has a mix of cultural attractions and popular places to eat. Poncey-Highland is a neighborhood that attracts a wide range of people who are looking for a safe and charming urban environment. It has beautiful places like Freedom Park and the Plaza Theater.

This guide provides valuable information about the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta. It will help you make informed decisions if you are planning to move or visit the city.

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