Florida used to be a favorite place for retirees and people looking for sun, but now it’s not as attractive to many residents. According to data analyzed by SelfStorage, Google search data shows that there has been an increase in people searching for information about relocating to other parts of the country. There are many reasons why people are leaving, but some of the main factors include:

The increasing expenses of daily life:

Florida’s home prices, rents, and taxes have gone up a lot in recent years, which has made it harder for people with a fixed income or tight budget to afford living there. The price of a typical single-family house in Florida increased by $150,000, or 60%, in just five years. The rent in big cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami is also more expensive than the national average.

Severe weather conditions:

Florida often experiences hurricanes, floods, and heat waves. These events can cause a lot of damage to buildings and roads, and they can also be dangerous for people’s health and safety. The most expensive hurricane in Florida’s history and the third most expensive in the United States was Hurricane Ian, which occurred in 2022. It caused over $112 billion in damage and resulted in more than 150 deaths. A lot of people have had to move because of the damage caused by the storm or because they’re scared of more disasters happening.

Political unrest:

Florida has been the focus of attention due to a number of laws and policies put in place by Governor Ron DeSantis. These actions have received criticism and backlash from different groups and people. There are certain laws that limit access to gender-affirming care, make people use bathrooms based on their assigned sex at birth, prohibit vaccine passports, and restrict voting rights. Some residents in the state feel unwelcome, unsafe, or unhappy because of these laws.

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Where are people from Florida moving to?

Based on Google search data, the states that people in Florida are most interested in moving to are:

Texas: The Lone Star State has a climate, taxes, and job opportunities that are similar to Florida, but with lower taxes and more job opportunities. Texas has a diverse and lively culture. Cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston are popular among young and creative individuals. Texas is the second most populated state in the United States, right after California. It has a robust economy and a relatively low cost of living.

Arizona is a warm and sunny state that Floridians can consider if they want a change of scenery. Arizona is a state that has many beautiful natural features, including breathtaking landscapes and opportunities for outdoor activities. Arizona has a lower cost of living compared to California, which is another state that many people are moving away from. Arizona is a state that is growing quickly in terms of population. It has a strong technology industry and is also attracting more and more retired people.

Florida: Interestingly, instead of leaving the state completely, some people from Florida are choosing to relocate to different areas within the state. People move internally for various reasons, such as finding more affordable or higher quality housing, being near loved ones, or getting away from busy and crowded cities. Florida has several popular destinations, including Jacksonville, Sarasota, and Pensacola.

In summary

Many people are wanting to leave Florida because of different reasons like the economy, environment, and society. However, not everyone is losing interest in the state. Some residents are deciding to stay or relocate within the state. Florida is a state in the United States that has a large population and a lot of diversity. It is known for its sunny weather and relaxed way of life. Florida is experiencing a big change that will affect its future, whether people are moving away from or moving to the state.

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