Listing Best Dog Breeds for Renters in Entire America

Many dog owners think of their animal family member as part of the family. This means that when they move, their dog goes with them. It can be hard to do this when moving to a smaller place or one with shared areas like a lobby, elevators, or a backyard. Of course, if you already have a dog, you should think about the size of your new home ahead of time to make sure it’s right for your furry friend. As you think about getting a dog, there are a few things you should know about different breeds that might not do well in an apartment. You should think about things like size, noise level, energy level, and warmth.

Best Dog Breeds for Renters

French Bulldog

These friendly dogs are great pets for apartments and make great pets for people. They are calm, friendly, and low-energy dogs that only need one walk a day. Besides having these great qualities, they are also pretty small, weighing between 6 and 13 pounds. They also make great guard dogs because they don’t bark unless they have to.

The French Bulldog is very friendly with people and other dogs, and it’s easy to train. It’s also great with kids. When it comes to cleaning, their short hair makes it easy to do and they shed very little. The only bad thing about having a French Bulldog is that they don’t like being alone for long periods of time. If you are always on the go, this is not the right breed for you.


The Pug is a loving and playful breed of dog that was first made to be a lap dog. This, along with the fact that they are lazy, makes them great city dogs. They’d rather just lay around all day, but when they do go outside, they’ll want a lot of time to look around. A great thing about Pugs is that they are usually very quiet, so you don’t have to worry about getting your neighbors mad.

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The Greyhound is a strong dog that was made to run fast, but it is also a calm dog that is great as a pet. This breed of dog is friendly and good for renters, so don’t let its size or weight fool you. They are very independent and smart, and they are easy to train. They get along well with kids, but they’d rather be the only pet in the house.

Great Dane

You might not think this breed would do well in an apartment just because of how big they are. But the Great Dane is a great pet for an apartment because they like being in small areas. Also, they are very lazy and would rather spend all day lying on the couch. The couch’s size will be the most important thing.


You love cats and dogs, but you can’t picture having both. A Basenji is the best answer. This type of dog is a mix between a hound dog and a cat. They take care of themselves and get to the top, but they are very loyal. They love their family very much but are wary of strangers. Also, the Basenji is very defensive, even though it doesn’t bark.

They will never be able to. So they sing instead. Basenjis need to exercise, so if you can’t give them at least an hour of exercise every day, this is not the right breed for you. If you can, the Basenji is a great dog to have around. Besides that, the fact that they clean up is a plus. They are smart and easy to train, but they don’t get along well with other pets, so they should live with only one.

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