Listing the Cheapest Neighborhoods To Live In Dayton, OH

According to Saturday Night Science, the least expensive places to live in Dayton in 2024 will be McCook Field and Arlington Heights. When comparing the cost of living, it is generally accepted that residing in a more affordable location is preferable to residing in a pricier one.

The preference for a $500 monthly rent over a $1,000 payment is evident. In a comparison of coffee prices, I prefer to spend $2 rather than $5. In Dayton, there is a range of neighborhood prices, with some being more expensive than rural Ohio and others being more affordable. Which Dayton neighborhoods offer more value for your dollar, allowing you to upgrade from a studio to a one-bedroom?

In an effort to provide accurate information, we conducted a thorough analysis to identify the most affordable neighborhoods in Dayton. Our approach involved relying on concrete data rather than subjective opinions or guesswork. Through the application of Saturday Night Science, we aimed to present the facts in a clear and unbiased manner.

Which neighborhood in Dayton will offer the most affordable living options in 2024? Based on the latest census data, it appears that Mccook Field is the most affordable neighborhood to live in Dayton.

It is important to note that the quality of these neighborhoods may not be ideal for living in Dayton. When it comes to choosing a place to live, it’s important to consider the trade-offs. While you may be able to find a larger living space and more affordable groceries, it’s possible that you might have to compromise on factors like location and crime rates.

Cheapest Neighborhoods To Live In Dayton

McCook Field

Population: 789
Cost Of Living Index: 75 (3rd cheapest)
Home Value To Income Ratio: 0.5 (2nd cheapest)
Rent To Income Ratio: 0.011 (9th cheapest)

Northern Hills

Population: 1,706
Cost Of Living Index: 76 (4th cheapest)
Home Value To Income Ratio: 1.7 (18th cheapest)
Rent To Income Ratio: 0.01 (6th cheapest)

Southern Dayton View

Population: 2,229
Cost Of Living Index: 78 (8th cheapest)
Home Value To Income Ratio: 1.3 (5th cheapest)
Rent To Income Ratio: 0.016 (20th cheapest)

Dayton View Triangle

Population: 1,763
Cost Of Living Index: 80 (17th cheapest)
Home Value To Income Ratio: 1.7 (17th cheapest)
Rent To Income Ratio: 0.007 (cheapest)


Population: 1,995
Cost Of Living Index: 81 (24th cheapest)
Home Value To Income Ratio: 1.6 (11th cheapest)
Rent To Income Ratio: 0.014 (14th cheapest)

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Study to Determine The Cheapest Dayton Hoods

In order to rank the most affordable places to live in Dayton, we conducted a thorough analysis to identify the key factors that contribute to a low cost of living. Our approach involved applying a rigorous methodology known as Saturday Night Science. Based on data from the Census and extrapolated BLS data, we have determined the following set of criteria:

  • Overall Cost Of Living
  • Rent To Income Ratio
  • Median Home Value To Income Ratio

Each neighborhood was assigned a score from 1 to 64 in each category, with 1 representing the lowest cost. In order to provide a comprehensive overview, the rankings for each neighborhood were averaged to establish a cheap neighborhood index.

In a recent study, we have identified the neighborhood in Dayton with the lowest cheapest neighborhood index, earning it the title of “Cheapest City Neighborhood In Dayton.” Attention is focused on Mccook Field.

This article has been recently updated for the year 2024. For the fourth time, we present our rankings of the most affordable neighborhoods in Dayton. At the end of this article, you will find a comprehensive list of all the neighborhoods in the city, ranked from the most affordable to the most expensive.

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