Wyoming Cities With The Highest Divorce Rates For 2024

Summary of Research on Cities with the Highest Divorce Rate in Wyoming Using Saturday Night Science, we have analyzed the most recent Census data for Wyoming to determine the divorce rate for each city. This analysis is based on the percentage of currently divorced residents in each city. Presenting the findings of our analysis:

  • According to the latest Census data, Pinedale has emerged as the city with the highest divorce rate in Wyoming.
  • The divorce rate in Pinedale stands at 12.0%.
  • Pine Bluffs has the lowest divorce rate among cities in Wyoming.
  • Pine Bluffs has a divorce rate of 0.0%.
  • Wyoming has a divorce rate of 4.0%.

Wyoming is home to a significant number of divorced individuals, with a population of over 18,493 residents aged fifteen and above. In 2024, there are currently 28,339,199 Americans who are divorced, providing a basis for comparison. A significant number of individuals choose to flee or separate throughout the Equality State.

Is the divorce rate in America really close to 50%? That is correct. In our analysis, we are focusing on the counts and percentages of individuals over the age of 15 who are presently divorced. According to the data, the 50% figure represents the proportion of individuals who have experienced divorce at some point in their lives.

In today’s analysis, we will be examining the current number of divorced individuals. Now, turning our attention to Wyoming, we delve into the regions with the highest rates of divorcees, leaving many on edge and questioning their beliefs.

The Highest Divorce Rate In Wyoming


Population: 1,946
Divorce Rate: 12.0%
Divorcees: 186
Median Income: $95,120


Population: 1,505
Divorce Rate: 11.0%
Divorcees: 132
Median Income: $46,797


Population: 4,812
Divorce Rate: 11.0%
Divorcees: 423
Median Income: $59,679


Population: 4,218
Divorce Rate: 10.0%
Divorcees: 337
Median Income: $55,231


Population: 10,733
Divorce Rate: 8.0%
Divorcees: 686
Median Income: $50,861

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Study to Conclude the Highest Divorce Rate In Wyoming

With extensive experience in compiling rankings, we were well-prepared to gather data on marriage and divorce in America for the 58th category on our site. During Saturday Night Science, we examined the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau regarding divorce rates. Who enjoys monitoring suffering more than the U.S. government?

In our analysis, we focused on the data from the 2018-2022 American Community Survey table S1201, which provides insights into marital status. In a simple and direct manner, we have successfully extracted the required column of data.

Population 15 Years and Over -> Divorced

There are some intriguing/entertaining/distressing facts to consider.A recent study found that a small percentage of young American women, specifically 1% of those aged 15-19, have experienced divorce. Interestingly, the study revealed that no males in the same age group reported being divorced. While this may be attributed to a rounding issue, it is still a noteworthy finding.

However, the national data will have to wait for another day. In today’s analysis, we turn our attention to the 40 locations in Wyoming that have a population exceeding 1,000.

In our analysis, we have sorted each location based on the proportion of individuals over the age of 15 who have experienced divorce, arranging them in descending order. Pinedale has been crowned the divorce capital of Wyoming, boasting the highest incidence of divorcees in the state. Pine Bluffs, a city in Wyoming, boasts the lowest divorce rate, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to avoid marital dissolution.

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