Listing the Five Most Expensive Chess Sets Ever

Chess is a highly popular strategy game that has been enjoyed worldwide for centuries. This classic board game is beloved by millions worldwide, from beginners to experts. Chess is actually quite simple to pick up, despite common misconceptions. The rules are straightforward and easy to grasp, making it accessible even to young children. However, becoming a master of the game requires extensive playing experience.

No one is 100 percent certain where chess originated, but its history goes back at least 1,500 years. Many people think that chess originated in India, while some historians suggest China as its birthplace. Wherever it originated, one thing is for sure: it remains just as captivating to play now as it always has been.

Carolingi XIV Chess Set priced at $113,575

This impressive chess set was created by Piero Benzoni. The scene in the movie pays tribute to the historic battles between the Ottoman Turks and Carolingians in the 9th century. Every chess piece in this set is adorned in historical clothing and made of high-quality gold and silver.

The Carolingi XIV set comes with a chess table made of onyx that is intricately designed to complement the beautiful pieces. This luxurious vehicle comes with a price tag of $113,575 due to its high-end features and expert craftsmanship. This chess set is not only decorative but also functional for playing games.

J. Grahl Chess Set priced at $450,000

Jim Grahl created this chess set in 1972 on commission, and it’s truly stunning. Each figure is made from solid silver and 14 carat gold, with a total weight of almost a pound. The pieces showcase a 14th-century aesthetic, including period dress and details. The chess board is crafted from ebony wood adorned with sterling silver, while the case is meticulously handmade with intricate details.

Royal Diamond Chess Set priced at $500,000

Charles Hollander is a company that specializes in selling extremely luxurious items, and the Royal Diamond chess set is a prime example. Bernard Maquin, a French artist and jewelry maker, created the set for Charles Hollander, showcasing a remarkable blend of artistic beauty and luxury. The traditional chess pieces are crafted from 14 carat white gold and adorned with 9,900 white and black diamonds totaling 186.09 carats, contributing to its $500,000 price tag.

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Art of War Chess Set priced at $750,000

Sun Tzu’s Art of War is often regarded as the ultimate guide to military strategy, making it an ideal theme for a chess set. Victor F. Scharstein created this exquisite piece crafted from solid gold and precious gems. The set features an Asian-inspired design, with each piece intricately adorned with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The ebony board is truly stunning, with its gold-carved legs, hinges, handle, and key adorned with gems.

Jewel Royale Chess Set priced at $1,327,515

All the chess sets listed here are adorned with lavish jewels, gems, precious metals, and exquisite materials. However, none of them compare in price to what could be the most costly chess set in the world. The Jewel Royale set exudes a royal and meticulously crafted aura, adorned with a lavish display of gold and gems. Yet, the excitement over this chess set escalated significantly upon its initial unveiling.

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