Listing the Most Expensive Co-Ops in New York City

At the very least, New York City is a city where decadence and wealth are everywhere. Top sites in New York City are some of the most expensive, well-known, and sought-after real estate markets in the world. New York City real estate is very famous, and it’s not just high-end apartments.

Now, co-ops all over the five boroughs are also starting to get the star treatment. These ultra-luxurious co-ops are now seen as status icons that can only be owned by the very wealthy. Don’t you want to relax in one of these hot spots?

Most Expensive Co-Ops in New York City

990 5th Avenue

We only know that this is a triple apartment in the most posh part of 5th Avenue. That’s about all we know about it. The co-op has one of the lowest turnover rates in the city and its luxurious interior was built by the same people who worked on Grand Central Station. This co-op has just six flats, and no one knows how to use them. We only know that a spot used to cost more than $60 million and that Peter Lawford rented here in the 1960s.

834 Penthouse 5th Avenue

Penthouse is the name of luxury! Leonard Blavatnik, a billionaire from Ukraine, broke records in New York City when he spent $80 million on a single co-op. It’s on top of a beautiful 16-story building. Rosario Candela, one of the most famous Art Deco designers of all time, created the penthouse at 834 5th Ave. Luckily, not every room in this co-op costs as much. The building has 24 apartments, and most of them cost between $20 million and $30 million.

740 Park Avenue

This co-op may be one of the smallest on this list, since the house is only a two-family home. That only seems to make people want to get on the line for renters more, though. It’s one of New York City’s “Towers of Power,” and only the very rich and famous can get a share in this Manhattan co-op.

A place in this two-story building has sold for as much as $71 million. Vera Wang and Ronald Lauder of Estee Lauder have lived there before. That being said, fame alone isn’t enough to get in. Joan Crawford once tried to get a spot but was turned down by the board.

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1040 Fifth Avenue

This very fancy co-op, which locals call the “10 40,” can compete with most other well-known co-ops and win. People say that this 27-unit building was one of the best flats ever built in the 1920s. Since then, some of the most famous people in the world, like former First Lady Jackie Onassis, have lived there. Every apartment in 1040 costs about $17 million, which makes it one of the more “affordable” buildings on this list. Still, this apartment is worth the money on every floor, especially since it was created by Robert Candela.

785 Fifth Avenue

There are a lot of names for this co-op, such as Park Cinq and Park V. No matter what you call it, this Roth-designed apartment building is insanely fancy. People are drawn to this building in part because it is close to famous places like Barney’s, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Center. Of course, some people just move into this 58-unit building because it has so many cool features and is home to a lot of famous people.

432 East 52nd Street

People from all over the city gather at The River House, a 26-unit apartment building. The very exclusive River Club lives in the lower part of The River House. David A. Koch and Aerin Lauder spend their days there. It is famous that the upper part is one of the strongestholds of the “old money” crowd. People often say that the co-op has the toughest rules in the city. People who don’t meet the requirements for cash are turned away right away.

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