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We used facts and science to find the most boring small towns in the United States. Unquestionably, America has many small places that are full of fun things to do. These are the spots where you can feel the energy and where a young, busy community is together. You know these places well because you’ve been there before.

Maybe your state has a lot of fun and interesting small towns. Not all small towns are as lucky, though. In fact, a lot of small places in the US are pretty dull. You know the spots: The ones where it seems like everyone has an AARP card and posting a picture of their kid on Facebook is their favorite thing to do all day.

Like the city of Hillsborough in California. We found that this place was the most dull in all of America in our most recent study. But if you live in Hillsborough, don’t feel bad. There are many more dull and uninteresting places in the United States.

The Boring Small Towns In America

Hillsborough, CA

This is the first stop on our tour of the ugliest small towns in America. Hillsborough is a very dull small town in the middle of the country. It’s basically a neighbor of San Francisco. To go over this one more time, this is a very wealthy area with a very dull people.

It’s pretty dull in Hillsborough, where three out of four people are married and almost half have children living with them. When you’re married and have kids running around the house, getting rid of marker from the playroom walls is usually the most exciting thing to do on the weekend.

San Marino, CA

The not very interesting motto of the small city of San Marino is “Quis Dan Volo, Dan Accipio.” Almost three quarters of the people who live in San Marino are married, and almost half are over the age of 65. This is beginning to look like a pattern: rich people are boring. It costs 48th most to live in San Marino in the United States. At least the people who live here can afford to fly to a more interesting place whenever they want.

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Cherry Hills Village, CO

Few small towns in the United States have as many married people as Cherry Hills Village, which is near Denver. Three out of four people are married, and the average age is getting close to fifty. Not a fun spot to whoop it up. Some people say that golf is a very dull activity, and you’ll be able to play a lot of it here.

Mount Carmel, TN

There are both younger married couples with kids and older people who live alone in Mount Carmel. Does that sound fun? Most likely not. Plus, Mount Carmel is very far away from the other cities on this list. It is right on the line between Tennessee and Virginia.

Kings Point, NY

Kings Point is the last stop on our tour of the most boring small places in America. It is a small, wealthy village on the north shore of Long Island, not too far from downtown NYC. What’s so dull about this place? To be honest, the people. The age of 38 is the middle number, which is pretty old. It has the 53rd highest number of people over 65 in the country, with 56% of the population being over 65. The area around here is often called “Great Neck.” F. Scott Fitzgerald based his book “The Great Gatsby” on this place.

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