These are the Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Miami, According to Study

It’s no surprise that Miami has a lot of rich neighborhoods—it has beautiful ocean views and island life. The eight wealthiest neighborhoods in Miami are on this list. It will help you find the most expensive places in the city.

The Richest Neighborhoods in Miami

Star Island

The most wealthy people live in Miami’s Star Island neighborhood. Many A-listers, such as supermodels, celebrities, professional athletes, and business moguls, have lived on this private island. The island is small and a little out in the middle of nowhere. It has 33 beautiful multimillion-dollar homes. Each property is up to 30,000 square feet and is decorated in a luxurious way with styles from Spain, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

Private condos also have elevators, exercise centers, movie theaters, wine cellars, commercial kitchens, swimming pools with cabanas and swim-up bars, and views of the ocean. Most homes in Star Island cost $30 million, making it the most expensive area in Miami.

La Gorce Island

La Gorce island, which is in Biscayne Bay and has turquoise water, is another one of Miami’s most expensive areas. This beautiful and wealthy island is private and gated, and it has a lot of beautiful single-family homes. Most of them have access to the water and great views of the Miami city. There are both old estates and brand-new homes in this neighborhood, and many people choose to join the private La Gorce Golf and Country Club.

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Fisher Island

One of the wealthiest and most exclusive places to live in Miami is Fisher Island. Some of the most famous people in the country have lived on this island, which can only be reached by air, boat, or ferry. This island has often been the standard for luxury, with private white-sand beaches and water that is as clear as glass. Some people who live on the island can also join the Fisher Island Club, which used to be the Vanderbilt Family’s home.

Camp Biscayne

People have long said that Camp Biscayne is one of the most expensive places to live in Miami. This wealthy and highly sought-after neighborhood is thought to be one of the most private in the city, and famous families like the Rockefellers have lived in its rustic houses. Camp Biscayne has 21 homes spread out over its quiet streets. The styles of these homes range from Spanish revival to mid-century modern. The real estate market in this area is very competitive because of the wide range of styles and the area’s great location. This has kept the average home price in the $1.7 Million range.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is an important and well-known part of Miami’s environment. This neighborhood, which is part of the City of Miami and is also called “The Grove,” is the oldest in the city. People love the Grove’s lively nightlife scene and think of it as a place to be.

People who live in the neighborhood can enjoy festivals, parks, farmers’ markets, museums, restaurants with Michelin stars, shops, and fun cocktail bars, as well as lush tropical environments and a bohemian vibe. Coconut Grove homes are worth an average of $1.3 million, which makes it a great choice for rich people who want to stay close to the busy center of Miami.

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