Listing Top Wettest States in the United States for 2024

The United States is not one of the rainiest countries in the world. Colombia gets more rain than any other country in the world. In some parts of this country in South America, it rains a lot, with an average of 127.5 inches (3,240 millimeters) of rain per year. In certain parts of western Colombia, it rains almost every day. As a result, some areas of the country are constantly flooded.

The United States is not one of the wettest countries in the world, but it is also not one of the driest. Egypt is the country that holds that title. It receives less than one inch of rain on average each year. Nevada, which is the driest state in the U.S., gets more than nine times as much rain as Egypt.

Top Wettest States in the United States


  • Annual Precipitation: 63.7 inches (1,618 millimeters)

Hawaii is the rainiest state in the U.S., but the amount of rain can be different in different parts of the state. The side of the mountains that faces the wind gets a lot of rain, sometimes more than 300 inches per year. On the other hand, the coastal areas that are sheltered from the wind get much less rain, usually around 20 inches per year.


  • Annual Precipitation: 59 inches (1,499 millimeters)

The map called the United States Drought Monitor was made in the year 2000. From 2000 to 2020, Mississippi was free from drought about 48% of the time.


  • Annual Precipitation: 54.2 inches (1,377 millimeters)

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee receive so much rain in the higher areas that they are classified as a temperate rainforest.

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  • Annual Precipitation: 50.7 inches (1,288 millimeters)

The northeastern region of Georgia, which has a lot of mountains, gets the most rain in the state. It receives 70 inches of rain every year.


  • Annual Precipitation: 50.3 inches (1,278 millimeters)

Connecticut gets a lot of rain and also gets snow. The amount of snow varies from 30 inches along the coast to over 50 inches in the Northwest Hills.

South Carolina

  • Annual Precipitation: 49.8 inches (1,265 millimeters)

The wettest place in South Carolina is located near Lake Jocassee in the mountainous region of northwest South Carolina. Approximately 80 inches of rain falls in that area every year.


The United States is not one of the wettest or driest countries in the world, with Colombia receiving more rain than any other country. However, it is not one of the driest, with Egypt receiving less than one inch of rain annually. The top wettest states in the US are Hawaii, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Connecticut, and South Carolina.

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